Suppressing Start, Stop, and End labels on a route in Streets & Trips
Jim B.
Does anyone know how to suppress labels on a route in 2011 Streets and Trips?

We have been traveling full time for four years and have kept track of our 80,000 mile journey by creating a 1,200 stop route.

When I pull back to see the entire US to see the blue line of the route it is obscured by a thousand+ yellow labels showing each stop by its number. I notice that when I grab the map and move it - the labels disappear - leaving just the blue line showing the route. That is the result I am trying to achieve, a map showing only the blue line. As you know, when you release the map the labels reappear.

I have tried tracing the route with the drawing options including using the scribble feature and the highlighter but the results are so ragged, out of proportion and unappealing it simply doesn't suit my purpose.

I like using the routing tool because it does the lions share of the work for me and the resulting line is pristine and precise. Now if I could only figure out how to suppress those labels and just leave the line!

Ideas anyone?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Jim, and welcome to the forum. Currently, it is not possible for users to toggle Hide/Show Stops, but it would certainly be a welcome addition to the product.

I recall reading a user (SpadesFlush?) here at the forum posted his workaround solution which allowed him to take a screenshot of his map without the Stops. He took a screenshot while he was moving the map with the mouse.

Another workaround solution used by some users is to avoid using Stops, and instead draw Avoid Area rectangles to modify the route.

Users in the past mentioned they PhotoShopped their Stops out of images they needed to post or print.

The Hide/Show Stops is a feature that has been requested by users numerous times. It might have even been posted in the the Wish List ( http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/wish-list ), but as of version 2011, users are not able to turn off the display of the Stops via the user interface.
Jim B.
I was afraid that was the case as I have worked on this for months without success. I thought since the labels for stops disappeared when moving the map - that there might be a way to back door it. Thanks for the information.

There is a bit of a back-door way to do it which might meet your needs.

Check out this thread. Scroll about halfway down to my posts, where the secret is revealed.
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