Lifetime Map Updater now available
Ken in Regina
We are releasing new software today for our nüMaps Lifetime customers.

Garmin Lifetime Updater continually checks for available map updates and automatically downloads them to your computer. It then alerts you right on your desktop when files are ready to install.

- Downloads files automatically to your computer.
- No sign-in required.
- No web browser required.
- Advanced options let you specify download speed and schedules.

Get it here: Garmin Lifetime Updater
Thanks. I've added it to the HP as it has Mobile PC. I added the 5000 and will get the 750 on there as well. I don't know if it will update all of them from a downloaded file or if I still have to run it 3 times though. It appears they must be done individually.

Downloaded and installed and then discovered that Garmin Mobile PC can't find its GPS when the update process is running. Disable the process and GMPC finds the GPS no problem.

Impressive ...

At least the uninstall seemed to work.
Why would you want GMPC to find the GPS while you are running an update? The updater stays in the background when it is not checking or downloading/ updating so GMPC runs fine with its GPS. That's how my BT 10X reacts anyway.

The updater was not running an update - only running as a process in the background. As soon as I deleted the process, GMPC found the GPS and I was able to head off on my journey.

Gotta love Garmin software.
Ken in Regina
I know I'm the one who posted the link but for at least a couple of reasons I have chosen not to install this version of the updater. One is that continuous monitoring processes like this cannot always be trusted to play nice. Garmin is not noted for paying much attention to such minor details as the fact that there might be other stuff you want to run when theirs is running.

The other is that there does not, yet, appear to be any way to stop it from automatically applying firmware updates to the GPS before it will download a map update. When I have a device that is functioning perfectly well I have no interest in making firmware changes unless there is something in it that is of specific interest to me. I want a checkbox somewhere that will force it to ask me for permission. So I'll probably wait for another release or three. Or until I want a map update badly enough to be forced to use it.

Guess I'll have to wait for the next map update before I comment further. Should be around Septemberish.

I think Garmin rolled this system out for a couple reasons. One of them is no doubt so they can balance the load on their servers and prevent the congestion that occurs when a new update comes out and everyone tries to download it.

But I think the other reason is that they harvest your track data when you connect to their site for map and firmware downloads. This is used to improve the trafficTrends feature on the new Nuvi's that uses historical traffic flow data for better route calculations based on weekday and time. They also may use your track data for marketing purposes.

Nothing wrong with any of this - makes good business sense for Garmin. But have a look at Garmin's privacy policy sometime - it's an interesting read and it's good to know what you agree to when you click on all that legalese during the install process. Products and Applications Privacy Statement
Too bad they didn't apply a little more energy to GMPC. They didn't have far to go to make it an excellent product - IMHO.


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