Exporting Street Names to 3rd party software
I am currently developing a piece of software for an in vehicle laptop application. The software is developed in Visual Studio. On the same computer I will be running a GPS mapping software with a GPS Receiver attached.

Along with using the mapping software for street navigation, I am wondering if there is a way with my Visual Studio software to capture the street name that the vehicle is on at any given time. I dont want to capture the coordinates, I want to actually record the street name.

Thank you in advance
Don't know what kind of mapping software you're running, but chances are good that the software license won't allow you to do this with their proprietary street data.

If you're in the US you could download the TIGER shapefiles from the US Census Bureau and extract streetnames from it - they are free: U.S. Census Bureau - TIGER/Line®

There's also the Openstreetmap project data. Shapefiles are a list of coordinates that correspond to points along lines that represent streets. This is associated with a database file containing the name of the street, its classification and a lot of other data.

As far as getting the name of the road you're currently driving on into another program running at the same time, not sure offhand how to do that but I'm sure there's a way...
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