How to hide pushpins at a zoom level in Microsoft AutoRoute
Erich Heer
I found your forum after looking for a solution to MS Autoroute 2010 for hours.

I use the laptop in the mobile home as it is very nice with the big screen. Before I was using Navigon Mobile Navigator, but as the maps are not updated I had to change. In parallel, I also have Großer Reiseplaner 2009/2010 installed, but this is not for navigation, just for seeing the POI's and the information.

Now I have installed 30000 POIs for places where you can stay with you mobile-home, and 4500 POIs for campgrounds, and 1700 POIs for the slow-food restaurants in Italy.

So now I see nothing in Europe as just the logos of the POI.

There has to be a possibility where I can adjust the zoom level for the POIs even if it is within an config file.

Hopefully someone can help me.

Best regards, Erich
Dear Erich,

Welcome to the Forum and I hope that you can find many things here that are useful to your navigating.

What you need to do is to hide your pushpin sets in the Legend and overview panel until after you have zoomed into the area you want focus on. This can be done simply by right-clicking on "Pushpins" and clicking on Hide all. Or you can selectively hide/unhide sets below Pushpins and do the same.

Then, when you have zoomed into the area of interest you can unhide all or the few sets you want to see. Obviously, the 'closer' in your zoom is, the fewer pushpins will show.

The other thing you can do is to select an area of interest by right-clicking and dragging a rectangular area and then right-click again and select "Delete visible pushpins outside area". If you do that, save the file under a new name so that it does not over-write your master file.
Marvin Hlavac
Show  and hide pushpin sets, and show and hide pushpin information in  AutoRoute 2010

Hi Erich, the ability to set pushpins to automatically appear/disappear at a user-defined zoom level would be a nice feature to have. But, as SpadesFlush mentioned in his above post, there are ways to at least manually hide pushpin sets. This hide/show pushpins feature may be easily overlooked by long-time AutoRoute users, because the feature is fairly new, it was introduced in the 2010 version.
Erich Heer
Hi Marvin,

Thank you for your answer.

I know that I can hide the pins. But then I cannot search for them.

So if I want to use these POIs I have to enable them. The only thing that I found so far is that I created small 3x3 pixel icons in different colors.

With this I can at least see where I have to zoom in.

What I also found is that if I search for the POIs then I have to know quite well the name of it.

If my POI is named : "NY New York...." (e.g. state city ...)
and I search for "New York" then the POI is not found. If I type in "NY Ne" then the search engine will find the POI.

My database is just longitude, latidute and name (3 fields).

Plus what I also found after some trials. You have to save the template in order not to loose the POIs. There is no information to this in the HELP section of MS Autoroute.

Best regards, Erich
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