Upgrade price from version 4.0 of iGuidance
Hello, I just got a trial version of iNav iGuidance 4.0. If I bought it and they released v5.0 in say 6 months, will I have to pay almost the entire price again? From what I've seen with earlier versions, upgraders pay almost 75% of the new price; is there a grace period like 6 months during which the upgrade is free?

I seem to find very good reviews from the website as well as other users. Hope I'll find it to be a nice program, worth keeping. The 10% off from this website is nice too I'll be using it entirely on a handheld, a Verizon HTC Touch. The card in it is 4 GB, plenty of room for the 1.4 GB of the program. I'll be using it along with a Delorme BT-20 Bluetooth puck.

I think their free upgrade is 2 months and here is what I got from them:

"Yes, we release new map upgrade once every year around late spring/summer, and in the past 2 years they were published end of June.
However, please note that there will be major changes to the way our product will be bundled w/ this year's release in that PC and pocket PC version will no longer be bundled together as one product, and pocket PC version will most likely be preinstalled on a microSD card (w/ adapters). "

Thank you.
Support Team
Thanks much!!
I think I'll wait for ONC 8 to be released in May......
I have been using iGuidance for a couple of years now and still like it so I will probably wait until they announce the upgrade. I skipped this years upgrade since I bought my wife a gps unit for her car and have been using that.
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