Which laptop software for navigating lakes of Ireland?
I'm looking for suitable navigation software to load onto my laptop, covering the lakes of the Shannon & Erne waterway systems in Ireland, if there is such a thing. The usual printed "navigation" maps currently available are OK to an extent, but I'm looking for something more comprehensive. Can anyone help, please? Any info welcome.
In the U.S., NOAA; a governmental agency, produces and maintains navigational charts for saltwater waterways. These charts are available for free to download and run on a variety of proprietary apps and freeware.

Sea Clear II is a common freeware program. It is reviewed, and linked, on this forum and can be searched. You will find in the threads the link to Sea Cear II and the NOAA Chart site. You will want to also search for "marine.'

Freshwater waterways are charted, less extensively, by the Corp of Engineers, another Federal agency. Both saltwater and freshwater waterways are also charted by proprietary companies. Proprietary companies generally provide better detail for freshwater waterways. National companies distribute the information in different formats. Chips and downloadable files are available, however, as these companies are taking a nation-wide marketing approach, they still can be somewhat limited.

For local waterways, a paper chart produced by a native entrepreneur and purchased from a local bait store is likely to provide the most detail and notes regarding "local knowledge." Because the market for this local information is limited to its local area, this intamate knowledge is not likely to be found elsewise. It may be rudamentary in its form, even to the extent of being handdrawn, but the information is likely priceless.

I perfer NOAA charts for saltwater waterways.

I understand that you are interested in Ireland. I provide this background on U.S. waterways to possibly give you some direction to be able to research Irish governmental resources to find what you need. A call to the U.S. Navy offices and Irish consulate might be worthwhile. Better yet, if you will be staying at a hotel, a call to them to get the phone number for the local bait shop might be the best thing.

Please let us know what you find! About