How to import POI to PC Navigator 11?
Based on the review and wanting an application that better worked on my in RV PC with touch screen, I purchased this. I have used both 'TomTom' on a PDA and the RV computer was running an old copy (2005) of Autoroute.

I downloaded the initial setup file and then realized, unlike say Autoroute, where you download and burn an ISO CD, this application installs a setup file and then when this is run, allows you to download the main applications -'Navigator and Map Explorer (more on this later) and map data files. Having done this, it worked fine on my and desktop. Trying to install this om my RV proved problematic. First I was pointed to a post on their forum board that 'explained' not very well how to accomplish this. To cut a long story short, having failed to install on the RV twice, I then tried to find a file on my desktop which I needed and wasn't there.

I suspect that because I think v11 is new, the software had been updated between the two installs.

After re-installing the application, there I found all the necessary files and finally managed after a few hiccups to get it running on my RV PC. Initial reactions to the basic Navigator is positive and it runs well.

However I do have some major caveats that would not lead me to recommend it to most users. With TomTom / Autoroute, it is easy to import POIs and route generated externally in say CSV format, and there are number of easy to use application to convert between formats. This product seems to have no way of easily importing such files that I have discovered yet. Rather, you have to use the supplied second application, Map Explorer, to generate application specific databases to import to Navigator.

Map Explorer application is labelled as 'alfa ar beta (their spelling!) not intended for release and trying to import some of my data into it seems to crash it! The import routine seems somewhat overly complex.

All in all I feel that these applications are probably best and well suited to a haulage business who has got the time to tie all the bits together to manage their trucks.

So now I am off to buy a copy of Autoroute 2011 - any offers for a used license key for Navigator 11 welcome. Unless I have missed a trick and somebody can show me the way!
Marvin Hlavac
Ian, in earlier versions it was possible to import POI data to PC Navigator using MapExplorer. Is this no longer possible to do in version 11?

It is possible -- not easy. From memory as having had problems with the whole application I deleted it and re-installed it, and now when I launch Map Explorer crashes!

Having clicked on an option you get a window select from a variety of import options -select csv. Then select connect to file, select co-ordinate format, choose which fields in the file contain longitude and latitude. Then select which fields you want displayed on the map and then go up top to generate.

As yet I haven't succeeded in getting the resulting database to work in Navigator.
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