Pushpins don't show up on map after address search in Streets & Trips
I have been creating several future trips, and my Streets & Trips has begun behaving badly. When typing the street, city, state in the "Find location" window, I observe the choices which appear when I click on "Find". If I like what I see I can click on "OK", and a marker will be placed on the map. Then I can select "Add as start", "Add as end", or "Add as stop". Works just great.

Now all of a sudden this evening after I click on "OK" the marker on the map disappears, the address goes in the "Type place or address" box. If I click "Add to route", the stop is always located as the "End". What happened, and how can I get it to revert to its previous behavior? I hope I am making this clear.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Ron,

While doing address searches, Microsoft Streets and Trips will open the Find dialog box whenever there is more than one match to your query.

For example, if we search the following address:
123 Example Rd
If I search the above address, the Find dialog box will open to show me the address in various cities.

When we give the search more detailed information,as in the following example,
123 Example Rd, New York, NY 12345
and if there is no other address matching the more detailed query in this example, a pushpin is placed on the map immediately, without the software needing to open a dialog box showing us several possible matches.
Perhaps Streets and Trips is not designed to be operated by insomniacs. Unfortunately, there is no filter on this forum that prevents postings from these sorts of folks.

In the clear light of day, the answer is simple, if a little different from Marvin's posted at 4:45 AM.

You, Ron, are the culprit. You have "hidden" the Pushpin set into which newly created Pushpins are dropped. Therefore, when you find a new address it immediately becomes hidden along with its set-mates. That is why it "disappears." Even though this new location is hidden per above, it still shows up in the "Type place or address" box of the Route planner. And the way the Route planner works is to always place a new entry from that box at the bottom of the list, thereby making it the End of the route.

Therefore, the solution is simple and obvious: "unhide" the currently-active Pushpin set to resume doing things the way you describe in your first paragraph.

Oh, and get some sleep. Both of you.
Yes Marvin, but my difficulty is when using the window that allows for addresses, place/data, lat/lon. Even when only one place was found, the location was marked on the map after I clicked on "OK", and I was able to adjust the map (zoom, scroll, etc) before selecting "Start", "End", or "Stop". Now, as soon as I click "OK" from this window, the address goes to the address bar, the location on the map disappears, and my only option is to click on "Add to route". This always places that location at the end of the route. Often, after zooming in I find that this location should be a stop different from the end so this results in a lot of extra moving of stops. I did notice this happening occasionally on the last trip. I would try to add a stop into the middle of a 210 stop prepared map, and the stop would be placed as stop number 211 rather than being placed between stop numbers 153 and 154 for example. I know that I can use the "route" icon on the tool bar, but that is a pain if doing so every time. I just don't know why the software has changed behavior.
Wow, I just scrolled down and read SpadesFlush's response! He is exactly right. I distinctly remember wanting to remove the pesky pushpins to make my map more clean! After that I found that I when I wanted to manually place a pushpin on the map, it didn't seem to function. I just shook my head and "did it another way". I didn't realize that was related to the other problem. I sure hope this thread is helpful to someone else, because I would hate to think I was the only one to have made this kind of mistake. This also means that if I anticipate needing to add locations while on the road, I better not hide the pushpin set or all "new" locations will be added at the end of the route! Not a good thing if I am on stop number 122 on a 562 stop trip!

Marvin Hlavac
Nice one, SpadesFlush! I misunderstood the question, but even if I'd understood it, I'm not certain I would have answered it correctly.
Looks like a 'sticky' to me.

Marvin Hlavac
Added to the tips section here.
If it makes you feel any better - I get fooled by this all the time. Must...show...'My Pushpins'...ahh!
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