Is GPS breadcrumb trail feature in Microsoft Streets & Trips?
I know that DeLorme's Street Atlas has a "bread crumb" facility for recording and play back of tracks. My question is, does Streets & Trips 2011 with a GPS locator have a similar feature?
I know nothing about DeLorme's "bread crumb" feature but this extract from Streets and Trips' Help might give a sense of what its GPS Trail feature does.

"Create GPS trail. Select this check box if you want Streets & Trips to mark your route on the map as you travel. If you use this option, you can save the map with the GPS trail that shows the route you took. The trail remains visible on the map until you delete it by selecting the trail, and then pressing DELETE. To use this option, select Start/stop GPS tracking, and then select Create GPS trail."
Marvin Hlavac

You will find the option to enable/disable the Create GPS trail feature in the GPS panel (Ctrl+A).
Thanks guys, exactly what I was looking for.
My experience with this feature is in Autoroute and I note the following:

1. Certainly pre Autoroute 2005 the application gave no way to export the data as say a GPX / NMEA file.
2. Using other software to extract the data gives a file containing only longitude / latitude coordinates at one second intervals. No altitude or time stamps.
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