Streets & Trips crashes on loading
HP Probook, Windows 7 Home 64 bit. Streets & Trips will not run. Both 2009 and 2010 ran one time after initializing. Now crashes on loading, tried all work-arounds to no avail. I suggest that product marketing for S&T get involved, it also happens with 2011 and in camping this summer it was apparent that there are many just like me. Larry, hope you get the message.

I am sure you are frustrated... Getting up and running can be challenging. You may want to post more details about the sequence of events and the results, so that the helpful folks, here, can get right on the solution with you. What administrative level you are using for the program, what pop up error screens have you received, what work arounds you have tried and the like...
Thanks for offering to help, but my days of trouble shooting Microsoft issues are over, been doing that since 1981. I only posted to pass on to their project team. This is an issue with Win 7, probably the latest release SP1, and most likely a conflict between it and the phone home software built into the S&T application.

Work arounds are not the answer, Microsoft is aware of the issue, but I am not sure if the S&T team is. At the last campground I was at there were at least seven people that were experiencing problems keeping the package authorized or were having it crash on open (displaying the small splash screen and then hanging with no response) requiring forced closure. All that I talked to were running 7 Home 64 bit.

Again thanks for the offer, but I will wait for MS to work the problem as the numbers of people affected will increase as S&T users migrate to new computers. As a side comment, all the people I talked to were previous users (XP) and had moved to new Win 7 computers in the last 3 or 4 months.

Funny. I find S&T 2011 runs way better on Win 7, whether 32 or 64. On Vista it is a complete dog and takes days to open.

I agree Terry, I'm running S&T on 2 Toshiba notebooks, both 64Bit WIndows 7 Home Premium machines with no problems. When I ran it on the Vista laptop it was a major dog, in fact there is probably a post around here someplace where I asked if anyone else was having an issue with S&T taking MINUTES to load under Vista.
Magically, something updated between Sept 10 and 21st that changed S&T ability to open. 2010 now opens fine, updates were to Win 7 , MS Office 2007 and MS Security Essentials. Office 2007 is not installed but the security updates were applied to something as indicated by the logs.
I am going to try and contact others that were having the same problem and see if their S&T is now functional.
I suppose it is only fitting that something magic happened to HocusPocus' computer. Glad you are up and running again!
It was not my magic wand as mine is too old, but it was somebody's as two others that had SPLASH and CRASH issues are now able to open S&T. None of the users had reinstalled S&T since Sept. 10th. Doesn't
make any difference how or why as long as it works. I have given up on the why's in life. hehehehe
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