How to import routes, waypoints, to Garmin Mobile PC
I tried an experiment to use routes and waypoints from my Nuvi to GMPC.

I first backed up the current.gpx file from Mobile PC and then copied the current.gpx file from the Nuvi.

This showed up duplicate and corrupted routes, possibly because of the different versions of the custom maps (same assert error as previous post).

So then, I copied the backup current.gpx back.

Still had errors, so I deleted all routes, tracks, and favourites in GMPC. Copied the backup of current.gpx back into place.

When GMPC starts up, it shows message, "Importing route XXXXX". Stays there for a bit and then opens up normally. However, there are no routes or favourites stored.

I suspect that the problem is related to some or all of the .NVM files but I know that these also store the registration and I do not want to disturb that.

Any ideas if what I am doing is even possible, or what I might be doing wrong?
Don't know, but I imported waypoints and routes in MobilePC from my Nuvi with no problem. However I used Mapsource to send them to MobilePC instead of copying the .gpx the way you did. Have you tried that?
Try renaming individual NVM files to sort out the problem. SRTE should be stored routes and ARTE would be active route. ATRK and STRK should also be obvious as track storage and WPT would probably be favourites . You might take a look at TRIP but I'm not sure what that represents. Make sure you back up and delete Current.gpx while testing or the NVMs may be rewritten.

No, I haven't tried that, but I will. I have two GMPC setups and the Nuvi and I am 'hoping' to get a way to easily keep them all sync'd.
Stored and Active! That makes sense. I was looking at them but was not sure of what was what.

I'll keep playing. Just recreated the favourites and routes. (Only a couple at this point) and this time I backed up the whole GMPC directory under D & S\user\application ...
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