'Not enough memory' error in Streets & Trips when opening a 721 MB file
When saving my files in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011, it takes a very long time. Recently, the computer screen goes blank and the message at the top says (Not Responding). At that point I can only wait... and wait... and wait, as it seems to lock up everything. Today I got a 'not enough memory' message when attempting to open the file.

I deleted POIs that I don't use, thinking that might help. I'm not sure if deleting the pushpins deleted the files. I didn't know any other way to do it.

This is the same problem on both computers. (Netbook using XP and Laptop using Vista).

The size of the saved file is 721 MB.

Can anyone tell me what has happened?

Thank you,
That is a huge file. Is there a good reason for such a gigantic file? My largest map file is about one-twelfth that size and takes a while to save.
Marvin Hlavac
Caroline, in the past, there have been some discussions here about the topic of huge S&T files. See if you can get some helpful insight reading some of them. I've found these two, but there may be others:


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