Merging Two Sorts of Pushpins
I have been bedeviled for a couple of years now by S&T's propensity to NOT mix newly-created pushpins with those that have been imported. The two sorts have slightly different characteristics and you can not combine the two sorts in one set. So, for instance, if you import a POI data base for, say, Shell gas stations and then find some that were not in the data base and add them yourself, you will find that a new set is created for "your" Shell pushpins and they are not allowed into the POI-based set. You wind up with two pushpin sets for Shell gas stations. Undesirable.

The way to fix this is to create a map with the two pushpin sets and Export it as a GPX file. You can do this by copying the two target sets onto a new file. Now, open the GPX file you just created in Excel and immediately save it again as an XLS or XLSX file. Open any file now, such as your master file of POI sets, and use the Import data wizard to import this new spreadsheet. Make sure that the columns for Latitude, Longitude, and Name are appropriately headed as I have described elsewhere. Also, make sure that the proper fields are visible in the balloon by ticking or unticking the appropriate boxes under the Balloon tab of the pushpin set's Properties box. You will probably also want to replace the default pushpin icon with an artwork icon from the internet or of your own construction. You will have now just one merged pushpin set and will probably want to delete the two old segregated sets. Unfortunately, you will have to do this everytime you discover omitted sites that you want to add to your POI sets, but it is not too onorous.
Marvin Hlavac
Thanks for posting it. It may be useful to many users. I just added it to http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/749-tips-tricks

Gladwin has described another method of moving pushpins between sets: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2698-how-move-multiple-pushpins-one-pushpin-set-another
Thanks, Marvin. I remember Gladwin's thread and I have used that methodology but the problem is that it only works for manually-created pushpin sets, not a mix of manual and imported.

Another thing I might point out is that there is an opportunity to edit the pushpin balloon content in Excel after they have been exported to the GPX file but before the file is saved as an XLS or XLSX file.

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