Windows 8 Developer Preview Available
Those of you with Windows tablets may wish to install the Windows 8 Developer Preview and tell us how it works as a navigation device.

Please don't blame me if it trashes your PC. I'm going to install it in a virtual PC first.

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I have the device to test it on . . an Asus EP121. However I am too chicken as I just got this and may want to return it. I see how it improves the interface but what about the programs that have miniscule controls and other items. It looks like it is more for playing games.

Terry (writing free hand on a Slate)
If you want to install it off a USB stick here's how to do it.

How To Install Windows 8 From USB Key
Interesting! However, most tablets have drivers beyond the usual to run the touch screen, the pen and any dedicated buttons. This is not a netbook and you'd better be ready with a driver disk. This install couldn't even take place without a USB keyboard and, probably, mouse. The EP121 for instance comes with a keyboard but it is BT. It had better be worth it before you start.

I am writing this on my iPad which is running TeamViewer which is connected to my PC which I have installed Windows 8 on.

As I expected, it is only working as a keyboard and mouse interface, ie it doesn't allow you to click directly on on-screen buttons; you have to move the mouse pointer to the button and tap the screen to click the button.

Hopefully, TeamViewer will bring out a new version that will allow direct interaction.

Or, is there another iPad Windows viewer that allows direct interaction?

I have found a Windows tablet on eBay for $400 that I am considering.

windows tablet | eBay
I see from the following link, that Win8 pre beta is directly installable on the EP121. However, I also don't see any reason to do it unless I just wish to browse the web.

John Robbins' Blog : Installing Windows 8 on an ASUS EP121 & Initial Thoughts on Metro

People have been installing Win 8 on the HP Slate 500 - see this long thread: Windows 8 on the Slate 500 - Page 5

Personally, I'll pass. I can't see any point since everything I want to do already works fine under Win 7.
Now here is a device I can try this on! It's sitting around gathering dust anyway and anything that might make it faster can only be good.

Dan Dar3: Windows 8 Developer Preview on ASUS R2H (2)

I mentioned previously that when you access the Windows 8 Developer Preview from an iPad using TeamViewer it only allows you to interact with it via the keyboard and mouse interface, ie you can't click directly on buttons. You have to drag the mouse to the button and then click the mouse button by tapping anywhere on the screen.

This morning I found that Splashtop will allow you to directly interact. It also allows you to stream video and audio to it so I may be able to use the iPad as a small TV, because I have a TV stick in my laptop, when I have to leave the room for a few minutes. (Yes I know I could set the STB to pause the live program and record and continue when I return but that would mess up switching to the next program on another station.)

Remote desktop software with high performance video & audio

I haven't tried it on my iPad because it costs the princely sum of $2.99. I don't have a credit card registered with iTunes and I don't want to. I will have to get an iTunes card to make the purchase.

I set up a Google Alert to let me know if it ever became free. The first alert this afternoon told me that the Android version was free from:

GetJar | Mobile |

instead of the usual $4.99.

You also have to install the getjar app. I was a bit worried that it might be doing all sorts of horrible things but I haven't found any adverse reports on Google.

GetJar | Mobile |

Getjar has a lot of Android apps for free that normally are pay apps.

I haven't been able to test it on my Android phone because every time I install it, it says installation failed.

Hopefully, you will have more luck.
OK the reason it doesn't work is because it's not compatible with my phone.

You have to have:

* at least Android 2.2 - tick

* ARM v7 processor - cross - I have an ARM v6 processor

The Android Market tells me that it's not compatible but the Getjar Market doesn't.

Check your device on the Android Market before you go to the Getjar Market and install getjar and download the app.

Cannot install : Splashtop Remote - Support
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