Garmin Homeport problem viewing charts on PC
I have a Garmin GPSMap 76Cx and the $150 G2 chart and also bought the $30 Homeport software. I have installed Homeport and have sent the data from My Collection in Homeport to the 76Cx. In Homeport (nor Mapsource obviously) I cannot see nautical charts. I have the handheld with the G2 micro SD connected to the PC via USB provided. I can read the nautical charts on the handheld but only see a basic awful map on PC. I have followed the instructions from Garmin perfectly. Homeport is recognizing the handheld and neither the Homeport program or the Handheld allow the chart to be read on PC.

What a pain? $180 in and can't read a chart on PC.

Any assistance appreciated.

Brian W
Are you using mass storage mode on your 76Cx? This is the only way that HomePort can read your map from SD card. But it would be slow. Better use card reader or copy SD content to virtual removable drive, like Imdisk.

Thanks. I popped out the micro SD and inserted into adapter then to PC and was able to view. Odd that the charts can't be viewed from unit that is connected to PC via USB and noted as connected in Homeport. They could make this a lot easier.

Appreciate your assistance.
Ken in Regina
Hi Brian,

That's why Garmin provides a USB mode on the device, as Popej instructed you, so the PC programs can read the internal memory and any installed memory card.

The device otherwise is in navigation mode. The PC programs can see the device and can talk to it but only in a limited way.

As Popej noted, your GPS has as very slow USB 1.0 interface. That may make it poor for this application since a lot of data needs to be transferred. Your adaptor probably has a USB 2.0 interface and will work better. Newer Garmin units also have USB 2.0 interfaces.
However, the information that popej imparted that is the solution to your problem is the Virtual removable drive. Using that approach, you could use HomePort with the G2 map without even connecting your 76. Then you could have the map information on the computer and 76 at the same time. and it would be the fastest access too.

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