Distance to End in air miles instead of road miles in Streets & Trips 2011
Big Ole Bear
Greetings and Salutations to all. I am a long haul driver who has finally stepped into the GPS era. I rely on Microsoft Streets & Trips daily, and was thrilled when I upgraded to 2011 from 2009. I saw several great fixes, especially on the navigation side of the GPS section, but I have an issue I just can't seem to overcome. I drive an 18 wheeler, not fly a 747. Now, to explain what I mean. If you look at the posted screen shot, you will notice a single stop route from my current GPS position to Cedar Rapids, Ia. Routed miles 406.7, which is dead accurate. Yet in the navigation pane it shows distance to end as 300.3, which is dead accurate air miles. I cannot seem to find a setting to adjust this. Also, is there any way to adjust the size of the navigation pain to smaller size (it takes up 1/3rd of the screen)?

Thank you for taking the time to hopefully help an old trucker out.

BTW I love the Mega file of POI I found today, and it was so easy importing the ones I wanted to a new file. As far as importing POIs from other sites, what extension do I want, .xls or .cvs?

You have discovered a quirk in the way S&T show total mileage in the navigation panel but, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. There has been much discussion about this here on the Forum. Maybe someday MSFT will change that but there is no user setting for us to do it.

With respect to importing POI files, either XLS or CSV work fine although I prefer XLS. Even better are GPX files which some sites (like POI-Factory.com) offer for some groups. These are quicker to import and tend to have better details.
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