Laptop navigation software for travel from USA to Argentina

I need your help please.

I'm from Russia and I live in Las Vegas. My English not so good, sorry.

My wife and me, we want to make a travel from Las Vegas to Argentina by the car. Our car has laptop Panasonic CF-29. We want to use it like a navigator.

The question is:
-What I need to buy for it? (Receiver, antenna, maps, etc... just tell me.)

Also our car has 3 action cameras (we have a blogsite)
-Does somebody know good soft to work with video?

Internet everywhere
-we want to have internet along our trip. Does it possible? If so how?

Please not so many words only facts.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Vlad,

Welcome to the forum.

I personally would use Garmin Mobile PC software (info here) with the included GPS receiver (either the USB GPS 20x or the Bluetooth GPS 10x).

Garmin Mobile PC is no longer supported by the developer, but you should still be able to find it in some online stores.

Buy the version with USA/Canada maps. Check Garmin's website if they sell compatible maps for other countries of interest. If not, search the web for Garmin-compatible maps for countries you require.
When I got a copy of Mobile PC a few months ago, I was unable to find anybody who still had a new copy that included the GPS receiver, only the software-only version. I only looked at vendors who I was familiar with however, so maybe there's some little web store out there that still has it.
Well, I can buy Garmin Mobile PC, but they don't have maps, only North America, Mexico, and some countries in South America. They don't have maps for Central America. About