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Measure length from trace to trace
We are using MS Streets & Trips 2011. We set up pushpins at selected locations. We use 'Trace' feature while driving from one pushpin to the other. It would be nice to know if the program can display the actual distance traveled between these pushpins.
By "Trace", I assume you mean what Microsoft calls "GPS Trail." If so, yes, there is a way.

1 - From the open map file with the Trail, do a GPX export (Data>Export to GPX file). 2 - Open that file in Excel or other spreadsheet program.
3 - Find the columns containing the GPS Trail data (it will be many rows), note which they are, and save this as an XLS/XLSX file with any name you prefer.
4 - Go back to S&T and import this file (Data>Import data wizard), using the above-noted columns as the latitude and longitude coordinates.
5 - Find the Pushpin set that has the file name you created in step number 3 above, right-click on it, and select "Add pushpins as stops".
6 - Open "Route planner" where you will see all the data points of your trail as route stops. Calculate a route and the distance will show in the Driving directions panel.

If this is a long Trail, you could have thousands of data points which might prove cumbersome. There should be a row for each second of the Trail. To alleviate that problem, you can delete (or hide) many or most of the rows in the spreadsheet, making sure to retain some representative rows along the way (perhaps every twentieth row), before saving and importing it.
Thank you. Appreciate your response. It worked just as you described.
Glad to help.
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