Moving MS Streets & Trips from netbook (no CD drive) to different laptop
I have MS Streets & Trips 2009 on my netbook, bought & downloaded new, I think from Amazon in 2009. I want to move it to my wife's laptop and install the 2011 version on my netbook. How do I move the "registration key" from the netbook to the laptop?

Thanks, sailoredon
I believe the license agreement allows for installation of S&T on a second computer, so you can simply install it on your wife's laptop. I would not delete S&T 2009 from your netbook in case you want to do something on a file previously created and send it to your wife's laptop. You can have different vintages of S&T installed on a single computer; unlike many other applications one does not have to uninstall older versions before installing new.
If you bought it from Amazon, go to Amazon, click on "Your Digital Items" in the upper right hand corner, then click on "your games and software" In the lower right part of page. You'll get a list of the software you have purchased, and can download another copy to your second computer. Use the same activation code to open it up.
If you are getting S&T 2011, doesn't the license allow you load it on both the netbook and the laptop?
Ken in Regina
The idea behind the dual install is so a single person can use the program on two computers: a desktop for planning and a laptop for navigation. It's not intended to allow two different people to use it on two different computers in order for the second person to avoid buying their own copy.

I know it's not easy to read those end user license agreements but that's kind of the spirit of Microsoft's for S&T. Moving the older version for his wife to use is the right thing to do.

Ken, I cannot say I agree with your narrow interpretation of the EULA for S&T; I do not think as you seem to that it is "the spirit" of the EULA for spouses not to share the software, whether one or two computers. That would lead to the absurd result of Spouse A planning a trip on a home PC and having Spouse B navigate the same trip on a laptop in the vehicle but under a different user registration while Spouse A drives. Would driver-Spouse A be prohibited from looking at the map on the laptop? I don't think so.

I stick by my advice.
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