iGuidance 5 requested features wishlist!
I gotta hand it to iNav, iGuidance is a very reliable piece of software. So, the question now remains, what are iGuidance 3 & 4 users looking for in the next release?

I would like to see

- Import custom POI
- Ability to see the full extent of a route as opposed to only portions
- Avoidable roads

This is just a short list, I would like to see what other people have in mind?

Marvin Hlavac
I suspect the import custom POIs is a feature many iGuidance users would like to see. I personally would love to be able to type in a POI name, and have iGuidance return results in the order from the closest. Also a global search would be helpful - to be able to search POIs without the need to go into any particular category. iNav iGuidance 4 has millions of POIs, but the search feature could be improved so users can take better advantage of the extensive POI database.
- I would be happy to see a TTS voice engine choice as mentioned on: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/387-can-iguidance-4-0-use-different-text-speech-voice-engine

But I already know it's not going to happen soon

- Would be nice to have a 'zoom out - 2D' preview of the planed route when you hit "NAV" (even when in 3D mode)

- Maybe even scroll previews of 2-3 optional routes to choose from (quickest, major, shortest) with color differences, then you click your selected route. I don't always want to take the same option.

- Guidance volume should be adjusted according to speed.

That's it 4 now
Marvin Hlavac
... and I'd love auto-zoom. Not the feature included in iGuidance versions 1, 2, 3, and 4, but I would prefer incremental zooming in. As we are getting closer to the next turn, we should, little-by-little, view more detail.
I'd like to have an itinerary function that lets me plan the order of my stops and allows me to see the mileage of the entire trip, as well as mileage to the next stop, as I travel the route. Release Inew versions earlier than the usual end of June date. I'd like to see it in early May.
I don't use Iguidance simply for the fact that I can't import my POIs.

I currently use CoPilot, and I love the "Next Turn" view. It's a 2d view that shows the entire path up to the next turn, even if it's 400 miles. It then zooms in as I drive it. The "Destination" view does the same, except it shows the entire route. I rarely use the 3d view any more.
Is there any ETA on the next version of iguidance? version 4 has been out for a year...right?
I do like iguidance, but they are so slow to take in feedback from their users. Hopefull they will seriously look at some of these posts. Here is my feature wishlist.

1. ability to turn off pronouncing street names.

2. select different voices.

3. voice recognition from user. (acura TL has it)

4. goto coordinate using decimal or degee/min/sec notation

5. import poi.

6. create custom categories for poi

7. rearrange/prioritize menus related to poi

8. show average speed over past <configurable> miles.

9. when searching for a place by name, show by distance if multiple items are returned.

10. Select a destination from your contact list (pc version)
11. look at the hacks various people have posted back to the internet. Obviously those are highly desirable features. Seems like a no brainer...and should be relatively simple for the original author to incorporate.
12. allow add multiple items to itinerary, then let software pick most efficient route order
Marvin Hlavac
Originally Posted by inetquestion

1. ability to turn off pronouncing street names.
That can be achieved. Check iGkeys - it's one of the features there.

this is also an example of things which would/should be very easy for the vendor to incorporate.
Marvin Hlavac
I think they try to differentiate their product from the competition by being as simple to use as possible. That's my feeling, anyway. The fewer buttons the better is probable their motto (just my guess). I don't blame them for that. Actually, in my humble opinion iGuidance has the simplest, and cleanest look, and the map area covers probably the largest percentage of screen space of all GPS navigation software programs I've seen. And even though the look is so simple, iGuidance still shows the driver all s/he needs to know: ETA, time to destination, distance to destination, distance to next turn, shape of next turn, speed, road name of next turn, the current road name. In competing products there is always an item or two missing, or one needs to press something to get the misssing info .
Well, since you asked.

In the Record Track and Play Track I would like to see the ability to be able to go back into recorded tracks while in Play Track to a given spot on the recording to check mileage, timeframe and or speed traveled.

As I understand it (to my best knowledge) you'll have to do a playback from the beginning to the end to glean any data from a certain spot on the recorded track. If I'm not correct could someone point me in the right direction.

The only reason I can see for recording your track is to have it available for future use and one of the uses (to me) would be able to access it instantly anywhere on the track. Like say, you want to show an officer that you were not speeding. I think you can see the problem with having to run a playback of an eight hour trip to get to the point you want.
Marvin Hlavac
If I remember correctly, the file iGuidance creates when recording your track, can be opened in Notepad. You could just eliminate the un-needed portion(s) of the trip, if needed. It's not the feature you are looking, but it could be a possible work-around.
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