Earth Bridge shows I'm in the middle of the ocean
Hey Guys,

I followed the advice and bought a BU 353, installed it on my Windows 7 laptop with Google Earth and Earth Bridge. When I first tried it, it found my location. Now it thinks I am some where in the ocean of the coast of Africa while I am actually in Canada. The second thing what bothers me, is it possible to tell Earth Bride or Google Earth not to zoom in and out all the time automatically? It's super irritating, the picture on the screen is constantly zooming out and than drop down in altitude and than zoom out again and so on...

Thanks guys
Chances are the software isn't getting the GPS readings and it is using "0,0" for the lat/long. That will put you off west coast of Africa in the Atlantic ocean.
Thanks, I think I will just re install the software and see what if it works again. About