Eye4Software Releases GPS Mapping Studio 4.1
Today, Eye4Software B.V. released a new software package, "GPS Mapping Studio", which was formerly known as Eye4Software GPS Mapping Software.

The software is designed for professional GIS/GPS users, but the software can also be used for home or sports use.

The purpose of the software is to display your current position on digital maps in real time. You can record all movements to a file for later analysis or for instance, to keep track of the covered survey area.
The software can also be used to import- and export, view, edit and convert maps. The software supports 40 of the most used map formats around, such as Arc/Info formats, CAD formats like DXF and DGN, Nautical Chart formats like BSB and S57, SRTM and ACE2 elevation files, ESRI shapefiles, USGS DLG files, binary grid files, image files and many more.

It is shipped with a large database containing over 3500 map projections, allowing it to be used anywhere on the globe. Also map datum correction grids, like NADCON, HARN/HPGN and NTv2, are supported.

The minimum requirement to use this software is a desktop, notebook or netbook running Windows XP SP2 or higher. To use the software for realtime navigation and position tracking, also a NMEA0183 compatible GPS receiver is required.

Please visit our product page at GPS Mapping Software - Realtime navigation and position logging using topographic maps or CAD/GIS data for more information about this product, or to download a fully functional 30 day trial version for free.

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