What is the best software/hardware GPS for PC for Australia available?
What is the best system (hardware & software combination) available?

I am new to this concept, and want to get a system. Being uneducated in this, I really need some advice. My planned use is probably very broad, and I suspect I may need more than one system. My intended applications and objectives are:

I want to buy the best hardware/software GPS for PC available for Australia
- With easy map updates available,
- for off road 4wd and on road city TbyT both and,
- marine navigation as well.

What do you think is the best possible sw/hw combination?

Cost is not a highly significant factor.

Regards, Rod
Hi. I'm no expert here but on my wishlist I have a Bluetooth+USB receiver, and a compatible Netbook with a swivel or detachable screen*.

If you asked 10 people "What's best?" you might receive 10 different answers.
The best for one purpose (like city or highway navigation) is unlikely to be the best for another (like 4WDing on the French Line or even up the Birdsville Track).

*My setup:

- Asus EeePC 1001HA netbook (XP SP3)

- OziExplorer software
using mainly 1:250K NATMAP raster maps (maps available from Geoscience Australia, and elsewhere)

- nRoute software (no longer supported by Garmin)
using mainly Garmin City Navigator (Vector maps) for street by street

- Garmin GPSmap60CSx for signal

- 300W inverter for mains-type power when traveling

A bit off topic, I also use Garmin handhelds (with appropriate maps) for hiking, street-by-street and other driving, fishing/boating, etc. Sometimes they're best, so ... About