Is there a way to arrange pushpins in Streets and Trips?
Is there a way to arrange pushpins in Streets and Trips 2008? I need them in a specific order.

If you mean rearranging the pushpin sets in the legends and overview pane then the answer is unfortunately "no". New additions go on the top of the stack.
Implicit in Larry's answer is the fact that one can ARRANGE the pushpins in any order you want by adding them to the map file in the reverse order of how you want them to appear (first is bottom, last is top, etc.). However, once loaded they cannot be re-arranged.
I needed my pushpins in a certain order, as well.

If you are starting a new file, load them in order, as SpadesFlush mentioned. I have ST2009. When I loaded in the pushpins, they were added to the bottom of my list. From his directions, it would appear that has been reversed. When I updated my maps, (2008 to 2009) I noticed that the custom pushpins seemed to load in random order. I got around that by opening a new map. I then placed a pushpin on the old map, and then copied from the old and pasted it on the new. After I did that, I would open the old map in the new program.

I always saved them as a new file name, in case the new program had unexpected results.
jsnoik, that's a good way of doing it.
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