How to customize the GPS Icon in Microsoft Streets and Trips?
I was wondering, can I change the red dot and circle of my GPS location to something else? A car, a bowling ball, a NASCAR car? You know what I mean.
Marvin Hlavac
The current version of Streets & Trips has no feature that would allow the user to customize, or use own, GPS location icon.

Many years ago, I attempted to find a way to do it. It involved using a freeware named Resource Hacker http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/ to locate, and then replace, the .BMP image resource within one of the Streets & Trips files. If I recall correctly, the S&T file which contains the .BMP resources is the MSM(version number)USA.dll file. But I may be wrong, since it has been a while since I played with this, and it was a much older S&T version, too.

Having said that, I'm pretty sure if we read the Microsoft EULA, we will find out that modifying the program files is not allowed.
Read the Microsoft EULA?? Unheard of!
I know it's not the most important thing in the world, on my Garmin Nuvi, My 7 year old daughter makes me keep it on the beach ball!!! if anyone with kids can understand that.
Ken in Regina
My grandchildren like the pizza slice on my Garmin Nuvi 765T and Mobile PC. I prefer the motorcycle. I used the pirate ship while I was on a cruise ship in the Caribbean the past couple of weeks.

I was the cop car and the off road vehicle for a while on my Nuvi 275t, until my 7 year old daughter saw the beach ball, it has to stay. now I have to explain it to my friends!!! It's worth it.
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