Recommended SatNav for RV Tour of Canada
I need help selecting a PC SatNav system for Canada.

I have a big 4x4 RV and intend to tour Canada (particularly the wilder bits) in it next year.

For navigation I have an Asus Netbook (currently running Windows 2000!), with GPSGate and Fugawi plus a "local" SatNav product for where I am.

In Europe I use PC Navigator, and in Australia I have used Odyssey Navigator, however neither of these systems seem to offer an easy upgrade to include Canadian maps.

Any suggestions?
I am not sure what you are missing. Fugawi seems to offer maps of Canada; you could buy those.

Or if you want navigational assistance, there is always Streets & Trips.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Stephen, and welcome to the forums. As SpadesFlush suggests, S&T may be the best choice. Alternatives would include DeLorme Street Atlas, which is great for USA, but the Canadian map data is less accurate. ALK CoPilot is even able to do routing suitable for large vehicles, such as RV. ALK's map data for its north American product wasn't the best in the past, but some user feedback I've read may be an indication this might have improved.

Still, I'd suggest just to download the 60-day free trial of Streets & Trips, and play with it before your trip to see if you feel comfortable with it. Based on the products you have used, I think you will.

Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't really considered Streets and Trips because its equivalent in the UK (AutoRoute) would come way down most peoples recommended list.

It will unfortunately force me to update my hardware as the S and T specification says "Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution" and my poor old Asus is only 800 x 480.

Thanks Again
Regardless of what software you select, it would seem like a good idea to join the 21st century by up-grading your display.
Marvin Hlavac
I hadn't really considered Streets and Trips because its equivalent in the UK (AutoRoute) would come way down most peoples recommended list.
Both, S&T and AutoRoute, are excellent trip planning software programs, and if I were to plan a long RV trip, I'd look for a product with strong trip-planning capabilities.

If you feel you would rather have stronger navigation functionality, consider Garmin Mobile PC. It has been discontinued by Garmin, but you may still find it. Or iGuidance may work well for you, too.
Thanks again Marvin.

I have a demo version of iGuidance on the way (DVD only) that might run on my Asus.

I have used Autoroute for route planning in the past, but I was not impressed with the UK maps. Rather surprisingly the 2002 version was quite useful in Mongolia! (Siberia 2004.)

Trying to find a small netbook preferably with a SSD with a screen resolution of 1024 x 786 for S&T is difficult.
As I understand it S&T will run on a standard netbook (1024x600). The only issue would be waste of screen real estate from the navigation pane. Both Mobile PC and in particular, iGuidance, are very good about use of screen resources. iGuidance is passable in Canada but not for off road use; you would want Mobile PC or nRoute and something like Garmin Topo Canada v4.

If you're planning to tour Canada and head into the wilder area, consider that you may be hiking in some of those areas as well. A handheld Garmin unit would be extremely helpful so you don't become a statistic, and it can marry to your laptop with Garmin maps and nRoute. Street maps (City Navigator) AND topo maps would be very helpful to you. If you're sticking to only roads, the above methods would be great. Also, the Garmin handheld unit keeps a track which you can upload to the internet from time to time so your friends can see where you've been in GoogleEarth. You can also match up the EXIF data in your digital camera to the tracks to pinpoint where your photos where taken.

BTW, Stephen, that is one helluva camper van! Very impressive. You'll do well in the wilds of my big, beautiful country.
Once again thanks for the advice. About