Possible to create ' colored zones ' in MS Streets + Trips ?
I use MS Streets + Trips and find it a great tool. I'm interested in creating ' zones ' for biz/pricing purposes and would like those zones to be color differentiated if possible.

Is it possible to create a colored zone that is within ( 5 ) miles of base ... next color/circle would be ( 10 ) mile circle of base and continue out to whatever mileage needed?

Thanks for the forum and tips.
Are you talking about driving miles or geographic miles?

If the latter, you can use the Drawing bar to create circles of various radii and colors. See "Help" which will start you with this:
Add a radius circle

Use the Radius tool to draw a circle centered on a point you choose, or to draw a circle of a specific radius.
Note To complete the following procedure, you must use the Drawing toolbar. If the Drawing toolbar is not visible, on the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click Drawing.
  1. On the Drawing toolbar, click Radius.
  2. Position the mouse pointer where you want to place the center of your circle.
  3. Drag the mouse to draw the radius of your circle.
  • To hide the radius label, on the Draw menu, click Hide size.
  • To show the radius label, on the Draw menu, click Show size.
Hello SpadesFlush,

Trying to do a Geographic sweep so I can give a Rough Estimate Quote quickly for customer calls.

Having varied color circles at specific mileages from Base Office will aid me immensely. I'll report back with the results.

Thank You for your advice .... have a Wonderful Holiday
Microsoft MapPoint? There is a free trial available.
Hello Andrew,

Thank You for the tip. I did Open the Drawing Toolbar as SpadesFlush showed me and created a Highlighted Ring at 5, 10, 15 miles and so on. I haven't figured how to apply a light Background color to each zone, only differing Color radius. I applied Color to the zones, but it obliterates the map.

I see in the MapPoint Program they highlight each State in their promo of the Program, which is what I'd like to do, but I'd still like to display the road map, just with a Colored Background. It appears MapPoint has that, judging by the promo. I'm guessing that Streets + Trips has it also, but I'm probably doing something incorrectly.

I'll try to con my son into showing me what I'm overlooking over the Christmas Holidays. As you can see, I sort of fumble along in the computer world.

Thank You for your help .... have a Wonderful Holiday
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Briar, and welcome to the forums. Select the desired circle, and then use the Fill Color button on the Drawing Toolbar to apply the color of your choice. Then right-click the circle, select Order, and click Send Behind Roads. That will send the fill color of your circle to the background, behind the roads.
SpadesFlush and Marvin have you on the right track. My attempt using their instructions is below. You can also click the Draw dropdown button and assign the color to behind/under the roads. You just need to have the circle still highlighted when you make the assignment.
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Marvin Hlavac
Nice illustration, t1dunn. If the black circles are not desirable, there are still two tools within the Drawing Toolbar, which can assist:

Line Style - changes the thickness of the lines
Line Color - select a color or "No color"
Most excellent, Marvin!
Hello Marvin H,

I am making progress... Thank you. I did exactly as you instructed and Bingo, I had my Highlighted Background.

Marvin, I set my Center / Start Point and expand the Radius to ( 10 ) mile(s)... but when I have my colored Radius Ring + Backgound set, then go to expand my Radius to 15 and so on, it eliminates my previous Radius and expands the Highlighted zone from 10 to 15 miles.

Seems if I work backward, and start at say 100 miles and decrease, it saves each Zone. Any thoughts on what I am doing incorrectly?

Hope you had a Wonderful Holiday... thanks for guiding me along.
Hello t1dunn,

You hit the nail on the head my friend... that's what I'm hoping to accomplish.

I found the Set Behind Roads button as Marvin instructed and Bingo, there was my highlighted map.

Must be doing something incorrectly in the Zoning. If I start small and expand, the Zone simply expands. If I start at say 100 miles from base and work backward it saves the larger Zone and creates the smaller Zone.

When I went to school only NASA had and IBM 'puters... some things need sledge hammer installation to stick between my ears... but I've made some progress!

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas and Thank You for your guidance.
In working from smaller rings to larger rings, I think you are expanding the original ring, instead of making a new ring. This is likely because you are leaving the original ring highlighted. Check to see if the grid box lines/corner buttons are still showing on the first ring. If so, take your curser out of the ring box and click it in open space. The grid box lines/buttons should turn off. I think you will be able to draw the next circle after that. You may encounter some differences in orienting the rings under the roads and you may need to experiment with the arrangement options to find what works.

Going from larger to smaller was easy enough for me in try out this feature. Why might you need to go from smaller to larger?
Hello t1dunn,

Apparently I'm doing something wrong. I'm going to give this a repeated effort until I get it correct.

I need to calculate from base to ( 10 ) mile at certain rate ... the from (10 ) to ( 20 ) is different color as well as increased rate to compensate for additional mileage and so on to our max area.

Currently I use base address and customer address to calculate rate and I feel it would be much quicker to simply see a zone and be able to quote that way ... perhaps this is where ' K-I-S-S ' should be something I should remember and my Fab Idea is Not So Fab.

Hope you have a Great New Year ... thanks for your guidance.
You could give us your center point address/LatLon, the number of rings, colors you would like, and their distances, etc., and we could see if we could build it for you on a map that we could give you to use as a template. We could also then give you a step-by-step as how to do it for your exact perimeters. I suggest you provide this info as a private message, so your address does not get posted for all to see, unless you have no problem with that.
There is nothing wrong with your idea, BP, and it should work for you. It does for me; see attached.

This is how I did it:

+ I located a pushpin ("Center-point") on the map.

+ I used the radius tool from the drawing toolbar and centered a circle on the pushpin and dragged-out the radius to 10 miles (+ or -, I was not fussed about accuracy).

+ I right-clicked and selected Order>send behind roads.

+ I selected a new color and clicked on the radius tool again, centered it on the pushpin and dragged-out a new radius to 20 miles.

+ I again sent that new circle behind roads AND right-clicked again and selected Order>send backwards to make it "under" the first circle.

+ I repeated these steps again until all the circles were in place, taking care to make sure the circles were layered using the "send backwards" function. I suppose if I had screwed up the layering, I could have undone my error by "bringing forward" the appropriate circle.
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