Windows can't see my GPS receiver via some USB cables
I am using a USB GPS dongle for navigation. It came with a USB extension cable.

It is listed here:

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The USB extension cable has developed an intermittent fault that causes the GPS to be lost and then, usually after a few seconds, be reacquired by Windows. Sometimes the cable has to be flexed before the GPS is reacquired.

I have tried using several other USB extension cables I have with me but Windows can't see the GPS when it is plugged into them.

The first GPS I had 5 years ago was a Holux GPSlim 236 that used a special USB cable to transfer data to the PC. The cable had a blob on it that contained circuitry. The cable died halfway through while we were travelling in Europe for 6 months. Fortunately, I could connect to it via Bluetooth and use a standard USB cable to power it.

As far as I am aware, all of my subsequent GPSs, including a Holux M1000, have used a standard GPS cable.

I thought we had got away from using specialised cables.

Does anyone know what sort of cable this GPS uses and where I can get one?

Andrew Watson
Adelaide, South Australia
Have you tried any Active USB extension cables? That would be my only suggestion. But, those are typically only needed for long cable runs (16+ feet).

You may also check into the BU-353 USB receiver. It's cheap and VERY reliable.
It should work with any USB extension cable. Possibly the problem is not you existing extension but the connection to the USB dongle. Try spraying some contact cleaner on the plug. Or chuck it and get a new one!

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