How to add Roads/Trails to MS Streets & Trips?
I have a bunch of ATV trails I want to add to Streets & Trips. I have most versions up through 2011. I also have MapPoint. I want to add these to S&T. The files are in GPX, but I can translate them into most formats. When I import them, they come in as Pins. Any suggestions?
ww4Cash - Both MapPoint 2011 and S&T 2011 have the ability to consume GPX file via the Data menu. You can import them one at a time then if you wish you can export to combine them into a single GPX of all the trails.
That is a nice suggestion, but MS S&T brings them in as pushpins, not Trails/Tracks or Roads. I need them in as trails/tracks or roads. Thanks.
More.... I need to be able to create routes on them that I can Export to the only thing MS S&T will let me... GPX, and then use other sofware to translate them to TomTom Itinerary files, to navigate them with my TomTom. I use TomToms in three cars, two motorcycles and one ATV.
ww4cash -

If you can open up your GPX file in notepad and take a look at what is inside.
Compare it to the attached GPX file which is a sample of trails (what I thought you had) but it sounds like your GPX file has something different that is causing it to import as pushpins.
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I think the problem is, Larry, that all S&T will do for off-road pushpins is to "connect the dots" of pushpins with straightline segments that take no cognaisance of informal trails or, worse, drag the route to established roadways whereas what OP seems to require is something that recognizes off-road, or unofficial, trails that are not in S&T's data base. Obviously and understandably, that cannot be done.
True Spadesflush - if ww4Cash wants to have the ability to add his own roads/trails to the map data (wouldn't we all?) that is not possible. Trails can be drawn on the map and imported and exported etc but they are just lines on the map not recognized as routable roads.
Sadly, as much as I love S&T, DeLorme's program WILL allow you to draw in roads, off ramps, driveways and trails, etc., and then the map program WILL consider them when routing.

This is one sticking point with me when it comes to S&T. I KNOW they want me to buy a new version every year, and I usually buy SIX of them (Three copies with two PCs for each), but I sure would like the ability to add a road that does not exist on their maps. I think it is Microsoft's way of saying, "If you want the new roads, BUY the new version!" Unfortunately, I have purchased s&T '08, '09', '10, and '11, and in ALL FOUR versions, new roads that have existed for months or even YEARS are STILL not on the maps. The breadcrumb trail already DRAWS the road as I drive down it. WHY cannot this trail be converted INTO a road?!?

Here is something for Microsoft to consider ... WHY NOT split the map up into a grid. Take each grid and label it as something. Lets say I live in Grid 42134 (Franklin, KY. Zip Code) which roughly represents a ten mile radius around my home. I would love to be able to open S&T, log into Microsoft, and have it SHOW ME what changes have been made for that grid, perhaps by layering flashing red dotted roads over my existing map to show road DATA that is available for IMPORT. Now if I want to ADD those roads to my current map, I click on a box, and the roads are added and become a part of the mapping DATA. Microsoft charges my credit card $1.00 (or whatever) for that GRID. In this way, I could buy a copy, update the grids at my home, places I like to visit, relatives homes, etc., and buy a whole new version with the upgraded FEATURES when I choose.

It is silly to pay for a map of the entire USA, if the road between Bakersfield, Ca. and Las Vegas, NV. hasn't changed one bit since the last version. Those "grids" do not need to be updated.

Microsoft is FAMOUS for changing their OS every few days with new "critical updates." WHY can't S&T be updated in the same way, with additional roads, and features, perhaps at a nominal charge? It would be GREAT if I could take my tablet PC (used for navigation), plug it into the Internet, and get the latest data available for the roads I am going to travel. I'd be willing to pay an annual membership fee for the ability to update my map as often as necessary. In that way, when an Earthquake knocks down an overpass in California, or a new on ramp opens up near Nashville, or a road is temporarily closed for paving, I can incorporate that DATA into my map!

I KNOW this can be done!
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