Anyone using CoPilot Live in UK for multiple stops?
Have used Microsoft Autoroute for a few years to optimise multi stop routes. Up to 100 stops on occasions. Like the way I can choose the start and finish points, let it optimise, then move stops up and down the route.

I hear the latest version of Co Pilot does something similar. Being able to drag the route on screen etc? Anyone here using both?

Want to find out if it works before investing in an iPad/Android tablet.

Guess not then?
I use CoPilot on a daily basis, but I have no idea if it can optimize a 100 stop trip, if it'll optimize stops at all - just have never tried it.

I do know that you can't drag your route on the screen (like Streets & Trips), but you can go into your trip plan and reorganize the stops by moving them up & down in the list.
On iPad, iPhone or Android device?
I use CoPilot on the laptop (Windows 7). I have it on my Android phone as well, but rarely use it. But, the laptop/phone versions are pretty much identical.
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