Dynamically change a route in a Microsoft Streets & Trips map

I am wondering if there is a way to use Microsoft Streets in order to update a trail (or just a pin marker) on a map using a file or something else than a COM port. I practically want to simulate a GPS. In fact, I have an application which may insert Latitude/Longitude in a file or it can send these data using NMEA protocol, but I want to not use a serial line.

Is there any possibility for Microsoft Streets to use something else than a serial line in order to update a trail on a map?

Thank you for your kind answers.
agrosu said:
I practically want to simulate a GPS
Gpsgate standard

GpsGate standard has an embedded GPS simulator (the is a 14 days trial version). You can provide a list of GPS coordinates and it will fetch them to any NMEA compatible application by providing a virtual serial port to it and sending these coordinates to the application.

But when S&T works, if you provide a few GPS coordinates, you may end up driving not on expected streets road in Streets and Trips . You will have to provides many close GPS coordinates so S&T appears to stay on the road while simulating. In normal S&T operation, it will try to hold on the nearest road of the current GPS coordinate...
Hello MisterMoonlight

Thank you a lot for the answer, it's been very helpful!
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