Why doesn't Autoroute 2007 work on Windows 7 64 bit?
I have Autoroute 2007 and it works on my Windows XP computer. Now I have a new Win 7 64 bit, but here it does not work. Why? I have paid for the program some years ago.
Hi Nhuss,

Can you elaborate on "does not work"? Maybe someone can help you if you wouldn't mind adding a few details of what you are seeing. Are you able to install the software? Does it launch? Are you getting an error message? Is it crashing?
And have you tried running it in compatibility mode? (right click on the executable, select Properties) Windows 7 hadn't been thought of when AutoRoute 2007 was on sale!
Autoroute 2007 and S&T 2007 work in a Win 7 64-bit environment.
Marvin Hlavac
Some users of newer versions of Microsoft's mapping software (AR, MP, S&T) were affected with an issue related to x64-based version of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), but I'm not sure if that would include version 2007.

Here's more info, in case it does relate to your issue:

Hello Larry. Wonderful to have an answer from someone that knows a lot. I tried to follow your help. But with same result. First I reinstalled the program, then right click to do it with compatibility mode (did not know it existed), then with rights of an administrator, and finally the program was installed and asked if I wanted to repair and I said yes. But when I tried to run the program the Welcome screen appeared and nothing else. I could not even take a screen capture, so that you could see the window. But it was the green window: Microsift Autoroute 2007 license for Product ID 84797-805-6590895-04994.

I'm angry because I have paid for the program, and it works on my old laptop. I'm going along Route 66 in USA this May, and if Microsoft has the same policy with Streets and Trips I will buy another product. I hope this is helpful for you. My system is Win7 64 bit. Can I post a screen capture for you on this site?
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