I'm going along Route66 and need GPS software
From 23.04 til 30.05 2012 I'll be traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles. I want a good software with GPS. Which? I have read that a Blumax Bluetooth GPS receiver is a very good investment. Has anybody experience in that direction. I want to meet with Americans on my road. Is anybody interested in a visit of 3 Danes in a RV C30? Kind regards and I'm looking forward to meet with you. Regards from Niels Ebbe Huus, Denmark
Hey I am planning to do parts of rt 66 in Late August, Looking forward to some heat !!!
I am using Streets and Trips by Microsoft. So far it seems pretty good at mapping out the route. Have not tried it with the GPS feature yet, but hope to test that out soon.
As Ray indicates, Microsoft's Streets and Trips can do a great job for you.

But I am not sure why you would want to go with a Blumax Bluetooth GPS, as it seems a bit expensive unless you have other plans for it such as using it for vehicle tracking.

It shouldn't be too hard for the three of you to meet some Americans along the way; they will be on both sides of the road.

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