GPS software for Windows 7 64 bit w/ auto updates and spoken turn-by-turn navigation

Please provide me some suggestions for using my Dell Inspiron laptop connected to a Sprint mobile USB antenna Internet feed as a GPS navigator.

Here are my minimum requirements:

1) compatibility with Windows 7, 64 bit OS,

2) ability for user to type in a requested destination address within the 50 states,

3) ability for the user to 'hear' turn-by-turn directions from the laptop/software while driving,

4) easily available software map updates that are relatively inexpensive or free to download for the life of the product

5) the ability for the software to automatically re-route the spoken directions if a turn has been missed etc.

The above features are the most important characteristics to have IMHO from this PC-compatible GPS software.

However, if the ability to 'verbally speak' a destination address (instead of typing it on the PC) is an available and economical upgrade, I would also definitely be interested in this as a secondary option to consider.

In summary please list what one feels are the top two (2) companies/GPS software model #s meeting these needs.

Easy: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011.

One caveat: There are no free map updates for this product. So, if you are manic about updates you must buy new versions as they come out.

Otherwise, it does everything you want. Spoken verbal navigational commands are standard; not an optional upgrade. Note that your laptop speakers need to be good enough for you to hear them unless you have a way of playing the laptop output through your in-car entertainment center.

You can check it out free for 60 days, however, by going to the Microsoft website and downloading the application.
Ken in Regina
One clarification: New versions of Street&Trips normally come out once a year. They include new maps and sometimes some new features. And it is usually less than the cost of buying a new version of maps for a Garmin navigation device.

One warning: Streets&Trips does not allow voice input so you must type an address. Unless you add something like Dragon Naturally Speaking which would allow you to control Windows and many apps by voice commands.

Some of Garmin's newer Nuvi models have all of the features you are looking for including voice command input and the availability of inexpensive "lifetime" map updates with new versions available for download four times per year. One new model just announced has all the features you listed and a big 5" screen that you can use in either portrait or landscape orientation for navigation. It has all the latest bells and whistles, like 3D buildings, 3D "junction view" that shows you what an upcoming interchange looks like as you approach it, and "lane assist" which shows a big arrow in the lane you need to be in as you approach an interchange. It includes a free subscription to lifetime map updates and has live traffic warnings that change the road ahead to orange or red to warm about traffic congestion ahead, in cities where it is available.

They are not as cheap as a copy of Streets&Trips but they are a way to get all the latest that the technology is capable of.

And that 5" screen has finally been upgraded to 800x480 pixels just like my Nuvi 5000 from years ago. I may have to buy one.

Ken in Regina
And it's Gorilla Glass like the new iPhones so it should be really pretty.

Well it's good to know that at least one person besides me actually bought a Nuvi 5000.

The new model you're referring to is the Nuvi 3500: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?cID=401&compareProduct=74086&compareProduct=96637

I have a previous generation - Nuvi 3790 (only Garmin could devise a model numbering scheme where the 3700 is two years older than the 3500) - that also has the glass screen at 800x480 but only a 4.3" LCD panel. Will be very interested to see what the 5" screen looks like, very tempting but I really have too many GPS'es already. However the 3550 with a list price of $370 including lifetime maps is a lot cheaper than what I paid for my 3790 without lifetime maps two years ago.

The 3500 series appears to basically be the same as the existing 3400 series with a larger screen however, and users have reported some issues with those. Side by side screenshots appear to show the 3490 showing less map detail than the 3790 for example.

Also note that Garmin just rolled out an Android Smartphone link app that provides connected services for the 3400 and 3500 series if your phone is compatible. Smartphone Link - Sync your Garmin GPS with your Android smartphone
Maybe I should wait for the 3800 series!!

Over at GPSTracklog, Rich is predicting a 7" model from Garmin targeted at trucks and RV's: GPS predictions for 2012 | GPS Tracklog
CoPilot will do everything you just asked about. It's also available for the iPhone & Android devices.
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