Anyone use this?

I just switched an old laptop over to Ubuntu and found this program. It uses either OSM raster maps or Garmin vector. Just starting to play with it, and its a little awkward. But it seems like a Mapsource type program with live tracking.
Hi, OSM raster doesn't sound quite right.
Maybe nRoute, or
Ye olde Mapsource?
OSM raster data is available via WMS - see: Tiles - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I just had a quick look at Welcome to QLandkarte GT/M and it sounds a bit like OziExplorer in that it uses raster data. In spite of the claim about supporting Garmin vector maps, the devil seems to be in the detail. qlandkartegt

QLandkarte GT supports the old Garmin TDB vector format. This provides information on IMG map files which need to accompany the TDB file, but QLandkarte GT does not support IMG maps directly. The new Garmin GMAP map format is not supported.
Ya, I've played with it more. And was able to get the Garmin maps working with it. But I can't seem to get my Garmin 62s to connect with it. But I'm having trouble getting it to connect to nRoute too. I haven't tried any raster maps yet. I'm doing this more out of curiosity than anything.
I *think* you may need GPSGate to use the new Garmin handhelds with applications on your computer. Note that if you go to the "software" tab on the GPSMap 62s product page you will see a link to download GPSGate:

Of course, if you're running Linux instead of Windows, I guess that's a different can of worms.
Well I got it working on my Windows with nRoute, had to change the setting in the 62s from Garmin serial to Garmin spanner.

I use Gpsgate when using my BU-353 with nRoute, and that works well.

But in Ubuntu (Linux) I'm not having any luck with the GPS being detected.
It must be a very select group of programs that runs rasterised OSM, Garmin Vector maps, and accepts a sat signal?? Then again I haven't used Linux.

OziExplorer can't use Garmin Vector maps. It's not a critique, just a comment.
Ya, it seems like it would be pretty versatile, and its free!

I just installed on my Windows laptop. Trying to see if I can get my GPS to work here.
Got it working with Gpsgate, and Garmin maps. Now to try another map type.

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