Moving CoPilot's maps from internal memory to external SD card
Originally Posted by glennw
Is this a phone or a tablet?
I wish my phone had 16GB internal storage.
I have an HTC Desire phone. I have an 8GB SD card in it but not everything can be transferred to the card and I have to watch the phone memory usage. It's a real pain in an otherwise very nice phone.
it's easy.... and I try to explain.
What he wants from Copilot (and what I want) is exactly what Sygic and TomTom already do: install the application either in the phone or in the phone NAND (the sd-card coming with the phone) and put the maps on the external SD card.
Sygic and TomTom are doing this by default.
This may help you :

Find inside your copilot folder file : "user" CFG File
From your computer use notepad to open it .

after try to edit some thing like that edit like it :


now may maps stored on the external-SD card can work.
I have CoPilot 9 on my android tablet and phone, and the latest release allows you to select the external SD card for maps. I had moved the app to SD before, but now this new release lets you delete your maps from internal storage, then select either internal or external storage to reinstall them on. Very smooth.
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