Software/Maps for Liberia and Russia
I have searched these two countries by name... The Russia threads seem to be dated. Nothing for Liberia.

I am a very avid S&T fan. I understand that AutoRoute is the identical platform. How best to get S&T type functionality/ease of use/maps/etc. for these two countries? I am running Streets & Trips 2010 on a Dell Inspiron 2200 Laptop/XP-SP3/ 10+/- gig available on 40 gig HD/ Celeron M/ 1 gig RAM.

I expect to only be in each country just a short while. So, it would seem prudent to not make a huge investment. I don't mind kobbling together free stuff to make a "get-by" solution.

Your suggestions, please...

I think your best option would be to install nRoute and use Open Street Maps.

To install nRoute you first have to install Basecamp and the Mapsource.

The link below explains where to get Basecamp and Mapsource.

The link below explains where to find nRoute. Hopefully, some of the links still work.

To get maps for Russia and Liberia you can go to the website below and specify the area you want and after a day or so they will email you a link to a download that has the map areas you have requested.

It comes in a nice neat executable package that is relatively easy to get into Mapsource and once it's in Mapsource you can see it in nRoute.

I haven't used it for Russia or Liberia but I used it for Bulgaria and Romania last year and my sister was going to use it in Libya but the revolution intervened.
Wow, Andrew, talk about a great answer! Fast and right on the money! Thank you!
Okay, let me see if I have this correctly... S&T is a complete navigation and routing package that can retrieve its maps and obtain its GPS data. The Garmin approach that we are working on is segmented, nRoute is the core nav program, MapSource is the function which enables the maps and Basecamp is the routing function. The map data comes from OpenStreetmaps. Additionally, I will likely need GPSGate to enable my BU-353 to talk to nRoute. Do I have that right?

I have downloaded the following:

From the Perry Site:

From Garmin:

I have not installed any of it.

I will be downloading the free edition of GPSGate, tonight. I will download the needed maps, after I have things working.

MapSource does not seem to be available from Garmin as a stand-alone program. It is referrenced as coming with a map purchase.

I understand that nRoute and MapSource can both be accessed through the installation of TrainingCenter. After they are installed, I am to uninstall TrainingCenter. I would like some details of what to expect to encounter. Does TrainingCenter have a wizard that will ask me about choosing to install nRoute and MapSource? Since nRoute is no longer supported, I wonder if this current edition of TrainingCenter will include it. Is there anything atypical about the TrainingCenter uninstall?

Additionally, do I need to install VoiceInstall, since I already have a voice program. I would think so, considering Garmin's proprietary nature toward NMEA 183 protocol. If they are not generic about that, I would think that they would not be generic about voice.

Suggestions and observations are very much appreciated. Thanks!
Why not add another wrinkle and start with Javawa GMTK. This program allows you to back up and move any Garmin maps you have. It also enables MapSource to be installed.

The only reason you might install BaseCamp is to allow the installation of MapSource so GMTK can take its place and provide a useful function!

The order is GMTK, MapSource, nRoute. Then, any maps you might wish to use with nRoute.

GMTK is here: http:

JaVaWa GPS-tools | JaVaWa GMTK

MapSource is here:

Garmin: MapSource Updates & Downloads
(NOTE it is the 57.05 Mb file that you want, not the 2.20 Mb one!)

The Training Center thing was a hack that no longer works with the new version. Now the procedure is to download/install Basecamp: Garmin: BaseCamp Updates & Downloads

See what you think of it first. Mapsource has been discontinued and Basecamp is the replacement. If you aren't already familiar with it, IMO there is not much reason to bother with Mapsource. Basecamp can do all the same things.

But if you do want Mapsource, download/install AFTER installing Basecamp. The reason for this is that Basecamp will place a simple "basemap" on your computer. Mapsource wants to see this or it won't install. That was the reason for the Training Center hack before, but it no longer works now.

Mapsource is available here: Garmin: MapSource Updates & Downloads

I think you're a little mixed up in your analysis though. Mapsource and Basecamp are both programs for planning routes and exchanging data with a standalone GPS or navigation program. They would not really be needed at all to use nRoute, which is capable of creating routes all by itself.
Wow! You have 2 choices!!

Ken in Regina
[Oh Heck!! I took too long to type this so now you've got a third one to read. For what it's worth, I like Terry's suggestion the best of all. Hopefully Boyd's and my descriptions will provide some understanding of what you have already read up to this point.]

Pretty close. Because it's a segmented solution it can get a little confusing and you've done a pretty good job of figuring out most of it.

First, forget Training Centre.

You are correct that its only purpose is to allow you to install Mapsource.

Mapsource can be installed standalone, e.g. without buying maps. However, the Mapsource install package that you can download is really an "update" package. When you run it, it looks for an existing installation of pretty much any Garmin PC software. That includes an older version of Mapsource or any version of programs like Training Centre or Basecamp.

So you are correct that if you want Mapsource on your PC you must first install another Garmin PC program.

Some of the information you see on here is old and needs updating. I will try to get to that before too much longer. In the meantime, here's the current approach:

Download and install Basecamp.


.... Sorry about that. We need to insert another bit of explanation here.

Basecamp and Mapsource are substantially duplicates of each other, functionally. Basecamp is the newer of the two and is currently being actively developed and supported by Garmin. Mapsource development was officially discontinued last year although the program is still supported because it is distributed on the DVD versions of their map products (like City Navigator, Topo, etc.)

The reason you need one of these programs on your PC in order to use nRoute for realtime navigation is so you will have a program that you can calculate routes with.

I suggest you stop after installing Basecamp, install some OpenStreetMap maps on your PC and start playing around with them in Basecamp to see if you like it.

Somewhere along the line you can then install nRoute and GPSGate and your BU-353.

Now that the maps are available and the navigation stuff is installed and connected you can start to mess about with nRoute.

The user interfaces in Basecamp and Mapsource are hugely different. Night and Day. At least. If you find you are not comfortable with Basecamp, now that it's installed you can install Mapsource and give it a whirl for viewing maps and routing.

So, to review (yes, I know you've already done some of it, so skip what's redundant to you):

1. Download Basecamp, nRoute, GPSGate and some OpenStreetMap maps.

2. Install Basecamp.

3. Install maps.

4. View maps and play with routing in Basecamp.

5. Install nRoute.

6. Install GPSGate.

7. Install BU-353.

8. Connect BU-353 somewhere in a location where it has a really good view of the sky. Outdoors is best for the first time you connect a new GPS. It's going to try to do what is called a "cold start". Since this is the first time it will have attempted to get a fix it needs all the help it can get for a good view of the satellites. It also might take a few minutes.

9. Run GPSGate and run its setup wizard. When you run GPSGate it does not open a window on the screen as most programs do. It simply puts its icon down in the system tray (usually at the right end of your task bar). Click (or right-click on the icon and select Setup to get the wizard going.

10. Let GPSGate find the BU-353.

11. Tell it that you want one of its virtual serial ports to output Garmin protocol. That's just clicking a radio button beside one of the selections in the wizard. Take note of which virtual serial port GPSGate puts the Garmin protocol on.

12. Run nRoute and use the menus to point it to whatever serial port GPSGate put the Garmin protocol on.

I hope that helps a bit.

I really have to get over my bias against BaseCamp. I know it is a faster product than when I last tried it but I use MapSource virtually every day. Its so hard to make the change!

Man, I am always just amazed at the depth and graciousness of the help from you guys! Thank you all so very, very much! Good job on the explanations... I grabbed GMTK and will grab MapSource after this post. Then, I will have all the options available. After that, I will reread this thread and do some installations... Then, post the results and any additional questions. Grand! Thanks, again!
Ken in Regina

I'm with you. I have both installed and keep Basecamp up to date with the latest versions, including the two betas for 3.3.x. But I still use Mapsource for anything that matters. Basecamp's data model (the Collection) and its user interface, which is largely driven by the data model, are both a genuine annoyance when you are used to Mapsource.

However, Basecamp does have some functions that simply don't, and won't ever, exist in Mapsource (turn a track into a route, join routes, manage geocoded photos, use maps that are only installed on a device or SD card, etc.). And it works with new devices where Mapsource does not work so well with many of them.

I could use a bit more help deciding which to install first, to try, nRoute, MapSource or BaseCamp. I have a good understanding of S&T and can get a good bit out of it. I tried Delorme and found it combersome. So, I would like to try, first, which ever of these nav programs that is as much like S&T as possible. Opinions?

The only nav device that I own is my laptop, meaning, I will not be needing functions to transfer routes to dedicated/handheld nav units. I do not own any Garmin products.

I will only be using OpenStreetMaps, or other free maps.

Does not using a Garmin brand gps receiver mean that GPSGate is required for all three of the programs?

Lastly, do I need to install VoiceInstall?

Thanks for the additional help!
Only nRoute is a navigation program. MapSource used to have that functionality mannny years ago and BaseCamp never did. They do not have any facilities for responding to GPS input.

GpsGate is required (for nRoute) to provide Garmin formatted GPS data from a normal (NMEA) GPS such as the BU-353.

VoiceInstall? Doesn't sound like anything that would be needed for nRoute.

Thanks, Terry!

Yep, I need the routing functions... So, I'll go in that direction... I will post my progress...
It is not the routing functions particular to nRoute. Any of them can do that! It is the ability to tell you where you are (using a GPS) that MapSource and BaseCamp are not capable of.

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