Draw a territory on Streets and Trips map
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Ever have a need to break up your Streets and Trips map into different territories? This 3 minute YouTube video shows how.

Video in response to a recent question from a distributor who runs routes to different stores, and wanted a way to visually represent the different sales regions these stores were located in.
Excellent, Keith!
Marvin Hlavac

My Point...Exactly
Thanks guys....glad you like it!
Very interesting, and as usually, well done.

I wasn't aware at all you could do something like this with S&T...

Thanks Keith. The video is awesome and covered some new ground for most users. Keep those videos coming.
My Point...Exactly
Here's a little more on the topic: Adding pushpins as stops based on region.
Yes, see the attached revision of your Fayetteville to Florida City route using that technique to add selectively pushpins to a route.

Great suggestion, Keith!
My Point...Exactly
Very Cool - Thanks Spades!
Actually, I prefer doing this with the Highlighter tool. See new attachment.
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