Streets & Trips: Cannot locate - not enough access points, or no WiFi available
My gps doesn't work. It is recognized by the computer as being present. All programs are installed correctly, or at least work correctly. When I sinc up the gps it finds the ports ok, when I try to use the gps I get the message that says
cannot locate not enough access points or no wi-fi service available. I have tried this both from my home and on the road and get the same error....
If one must subscribe to wifi service for this to work it should say so on the box.....
Lefty, as far as I know the GPS function and the "Locate Me" function are two seperate functions. The location finder or "Locate Me" icon uses known WI-FI locations to locate your computer. The GPS function utilizes signals received from a GPS receiver to display your location on the map. If you are getting those messages from the GPS Task Pane it probably is time for a call to support.
I tend to agree, although we could be looking at operator error here as well. Either way support might be the avenue to approach through .... Thnx
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Lefty,

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Just as ktrack says, the 'Locate Me' feature is unrelated to GPS. In my humble opinion the 'Locate Me' feature, while it is an interesting technology, has not really much (if any) value to users of GPS.

I suspect 99.99 percent of us never use the 'Locate Me' feature. We just use GPS.

Are you saying you get the above mentioned error message when you attempt to use GPS? Is this a new problem that just developed? Have you been able to use GPS with your Streets & Trips before? If not, then please describe how you go about trying to start GPS functions in Microsoft Streets and Trips.
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