Import skips data in Microsoft Streets & Trips
I'm trying to import some data points to Streets & Trips 2008, and found that some were skipped. I do not know why. I've already converted the address to a latitude and longitude. I know the coordinates are correct because I've entered them manually. Any help is appreciated.

Ken in Regina
When you import into S&T it automatically puts addresses through its search routine even if you supply coordinates. If it can't find the address it sticks it in some generic spot or skips it (can't recall specifically). And it doesn't tell you. Says nothing about doing the search nor about the no-finds.

I found it really annoying last time I tried to do the same as you. I can't recall how to force it to use the coordinates. Or even if you can. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can help.

WRLong - after the import has completed - righ-click on the pushpin set name and choose "properties". Click on the matching tab and scroll through. This is where you'll see if any were skipped.

If you are using Lat/longs for location then none should be skipped. It could be that you left off a "-" on the longitude and the pushpin was placed in the South Pacific.

If you are still having issues - feel free to post the source file at an attachment in this thread and there is probably someone on the forum that could import it and see what is going on.
I finally traced down my problem. As it turns out even though I thought that my data was numerical in Excel it was text. I went through my database and converted everything from text to numbers and it now works great. Thanks for your help. It was frustrating me as to why it was not taking the lat/long data.
Ken in Regina
Good catch! I never thought to check that when I was having the same problem. I'll have to remember for next time.

Thanks for updating us with the solution. Many don't.

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