Motorcycle and a rugged tablet PC for GPS navigation with Microsoft Streets & Trips
Motorcycle GPS

Bike and rugged tablet PC as GPS

I am planning a 14,000 mile motorcycle tour of America this summer. The Motion Computing J3500 fully rugged tablet PC mounted to my 2012 Honda Gold Wing will be my navigation device using MS Streets & Trips. HOPEFULLY version 2012 will be released before I leave. If not, I'll install 2011 and suffer through it.
Ken in Regina
Great setup, Joe. A little bit large for my BMW F650GS. I would need to modify it bit for it to fit.

How is that screen in full sun? I've never seen a tablet that was bright enough for me to see clearly on the bike in sunlight. Even most personal navigation devices that work well inside a vehicle still don't cut it out in the open on the bike.

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