Ground Level Software
I'm a retired ex over the road driver. I have a problem in city interstate exchanges. Driving a 25' motor home, I'm looking for GPS software that warns when to change lanes, and route separations. Would prefer ground level. As for the rest, I generally map out the route in my mind. It is age that has caught up to me, trying to concentrate on moving traffic and road signs. So any software that has good large city Houston, Kansas City, etc, coverage, and gives those warning, both visually, and vocally, would be appreciated. A good receiver would also be helpful. By the way, I don't know if this is needed; it will be loaded into a Dell Mini 1012. I can either download, or can use an external DVD. Earle
Ken in Regina
Garmin's newer Nuvi models have what you are looking for. It's called Lane Assist. Click the link for a description with pictures. Look for a personal navigation device or laptop software with a similar feature.

An even newer feature on Garmin's devices is Junction View.

Of course the maps have to contain the necessary data.

It would seem that it is only available for there units. Earle
I remember the freeway in Houston when I was pulling a trailer. The exit I wanted was on the left instead of right as I expected. Fortunately the other drivers were excellent at letting me change 7 lanes to get there as that was well before the GPS revolution!

Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by EarleH
It would seem that it is only available for there units. Earle
Hey Earl,

Well you can always just buy a Nuvi that comes with the features and the maps .. and look for one that comes with lifetime map updates. But I was just showing you that as an example so you would know that you can do it and what to look for.

I don't know if any of the laptop nav programs have those features.

Magellan has Truck/RV gps units now as well. They come with free lifetime map updates. Almost positive it had the lane warning as well.

As for laptop, yes, CoPilot has an RV mode (you set the vehicle size, as well as if you're hauling propane bottles), plus it has the lane guidance. Take note, however, that the lane guidance isn't always correct.
Marvin Hlavac
Junction view

Hi Earl, and welcome to the forums. iGuidance, which would run well on your Dell Mini 1012, has junction view. Head to our iGuidance forum section for more information.

Also, the MapFactor's PC Navigator may have the feature(s) you are looking for, but I haven't seen the last couple of versions, so I'm not 100% sure. About