Which one to buy, GlobalSat BU-353, Holux 213, or Pharos 360?
I guess this has been asked a hundred times before: Which Receiver? I can buy these three for about the same price: GlobalSat BU-353, Holux 213, and Pharos 360. Since I don't have one and these all fit within my economic range. I'm wondering if there is a significant difference or should I just flip a coin? Earle
Marvin Hlavac
Earle, I'd stay away from the Pharos GPS receivers which Microsoft used to include with the Streets & Trips software. They suffered from flimsy design. Holux 213 just like BU-353 are good performers, but if you can wait a few weeks, GlobalSat will start selling the BU-353 with a newer version chip, the SiRFstar IV. ETA for the new GlobalSat BU-353 S4 is March 2012.
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