How to get routes planned in Streets and Trips to Zumo 665
I read a lot of strings on this forum but still cannot figure out if anyone has advice on how to get routes planned in MS Streets & Trips 2011 and exported to GPX loaded into Mapsource.

All I want to do is export a MS S&T 2011 route plan to GPX so it can be loaded into Mapsource and then into my Zumo 665.

Any help is appreciated.
Where's your problem: exporting the GPX from S&T or importing the GPX to Mapsource (if that is possible)?
MapSource can open gpx files directly...no importing required. I suspect the Zumo also uses gpx files as Mobile PC and Garmin devices do. Maybe the problem is creating the route.

I'm not sure what the OP is ultimately attempting to accomplish but if he is using S&T 2010 or 2011 he should be able to EXPORT the GPX file directly to the GPX folder on the Zumo/Nuvi. Not sure why Mapsource is needed.
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