Which Bluetooth GPS receiver for iPad?
I've never had a need for a Bluetooth GPS receiver, but I'm thinking about buying an iPad WiFi only. Since those don't seem to have an embedded GPS receiver, which are the most popular & cost effective?
The last discussion we had was regarding the qStarz BT-Q818x.


I haven't tried it but have a BT-Q890 keychain model which seems to be well constructed. The 818 appears to be similar to the iTrek M7, (an excellent device but discontinued) with a newer, more sensitive GPS chipset.

As to whether it will work with the iPad, I haven't the faintest idea.

AFAIK only if iPad is jailbroken.

I have a WiFi only model so if I could have connected one I would have.
Found something that will work for the iPad 2 WiFi only version:
XGPS150 Bluetooth GPS receiver gives you full GPS on your Wi-Fi only iPad or iPod touch | iMore

Here's a "connected" receiver that works as well:
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