How to save Streets & Trips GPS Trail so another driver can duplicate my exact route?
Last night I activated GPS trail and drove a very specific route. I saved the file and can open it in Streets & Trips, but the 30 miles trail is broken into segments.

What I was hoping to do: save this route so that a new hire can duplicate my exact route.

I wanted turn by turn instructions so I could hire someone to mindlessly follow directions, not constantly refer to the previous trail and try to figure out if its a left or a right he should take. Please... this can't be as difficult as it appears to be.

Thank you in advance
That's an interesting idea for the use of the GPS trail. And there is a way to do what you want.

- Export the file as a GPX file.
- Open the file in Excel.
- Find the many rows of data that represent GPS readings from your trail. That should be easily recognized because S&T samples once a second. Therefore, a thirty-minute route should be about 900 rows.
- Delete everything EXCEPT those rows.
- Save the file as an XLS or XLSX file.
- Go back to S&T and use the data import wizard to import that file. Those rows of data will show as pushpins.
- Open another window with S&T running with a virgin, no-route file. You should at that point have two windows with S&T in them, one with pushpins and one without.
- Copy a few crucial pushpins, definitely not all of them, from the pushpin-heavy map to the empty one using either copy and paste or simply be dragging them over.
- Go to the Legend and overview panel, right-click on the "My pushpins" set and select Add pushpins as stops.
- Go to the Route planner panel and click on Get directions. You will now have driving directions that mimic your original route.

It is easier than it may seem. Good luck!
Ken in Regina
Why not simply click on critical spots on the breadcrumb trail to create the necessary pushpins for the route and skip all the GPX export/import stuff?

Check the resulting route to see that it matches the breadcrumb trail and add/change pushpins to get it the way you want it.

I don't think S&T will show a breadcrumb trail so you need the export/ import just to create it.

S&T used to show a blue line that linked up the series of points for each read cycle's parameters. That line used to editable by deleting or moving the reckoning points. However, for S&T 2010 and 2011 those reckoning points are no longer visible or actionable. But I agree with Ken, it would be a relatively easy matter to just drop pushpins along the trail at strategic points, add those as stops, and then create driving directions.

My post above was perhaps a too-literal response to OP's inquiry.
Pushpins aren't feasible considering the scope of the project. The route is designed to grid and cover every street in a metropolitan area. Thank you again for the discussion tho...

As far as the GPX export, I must have done something wrong because I do not have endless rows of route data, just one generic header row. I'll try again and advise.

Here is an example of a route.
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File Type: est Chicago C5 3-8 test.est (131.0 KB)
I see one additional complicating factor on your tract... The tract cuts through blocks where there does not appear to be roads... I would think that these are maybe alley ways, in actuality. I don't know of any road navigation program that is going to handle that with its routing function... Maybe you need a different type of navigator that will route you from waypoint to waypoint... Maybe hunting style handhelds would do the trick... As far as developing the waypoints, you can easily capture waypoints with a shortcut keystroke when you are actually out on the route... You just have to remember to hit the button at each corner...
Marvin Hlavac
If indeed the intent is to drive on "un-routable" roads, then why not simply save the map with your GPS Tracks, and let the other person simply follow the blue line visually while driving. This method will not give voice guidance, but it may suffice (it may be better than nothing).
...Please... this can't be as difficult as it appears to be.
Well, MVTrac, maybe it can be.

For instance, if you have segments of your route which are not on roads recognized by S&T as T1d has surmised, you are fried.

Also, I am puzzled by your file. It seems that part of it was created in a version of S&T earlier than S&T2011. The reason I say that is because some of the trails are constructed of GPS reckoning points that show as dots along the map the way earlier version of S&T made tracks and some is just a thin blue line the was more recent versions do tracks.

I have had the same experience with you with respect to showing the data points in Excel from an exported GPX file and I am not sure what the reason for that is. I would like to think about that further in the next few days, subject to time availability.

But, as intriguing as what you are trying to do is, it may be beyond the scope of what S&T can do for you.
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