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Ability to rearrange & resize all panes
Need the ability to rearrange all panes, especially the Map View pane.

Having the "Navigation" pane only below the Map View pane and the "Directions" pane only above the Map View pane results in the Map View pane being very short and wide. Even if the "Directions" pane is made very short, or turned off, the "Navigation" pane (which shows the next turn) cannot be made very short, and the result is the Map View pane is so short and wide that it is far from being the optimal shape. For trip planning the wide shape is OK, but for navigating, the Map View pane should be taller, showing the route is laid out ahead of you.

As an example of a far more useful arrangement than the layout in S&T,
here's the navigation screen in CoPilot v8 laptop:

(of course CoPilot also has something S&T doesn't have: the 'lane view' pane at the top right.)

Most every other program allows all open windows to be resized and tiled however the user wants them.
S&T should not have the current limitations on size and positioning of the panes.
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That would be sweet.
I took the time to whip up this mockup:

of what S&T could be like if Microsoft updated it to allow the panes to be resized and rearranged,
and to allow a choice of different fonts & colors to be used for the "Navigation Pane"

The way I would envision it working is it would show the turn you are currently approaching in the largest size and most prominent color (I chose red on yellow in this simulation just to make it stand out), with the next turn below it in a more subdued color and smaller size. In the "Directions" pane, the current turn would be highlighted as I've shown.

I've attached a version of this mock-up in the largest size permitted here, and the full-resolution version is attached as a .ZIP file in case anyone wants to play around with it.

A Windows mapping & navigation program needs more options like this than any other type of device, because the size and resolution of the displays vary drastically more than with smartphones or tablets. To make the most use of that display space, we need to be able to resize & rearrange the panes.

S&T also needs to have a separate "Close-Up" view of the current location (shown at the upper right in the mockup above), preferably with the option to make it show in simulated 3D, like pretty much any low-end Nav unit has these days.
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What GoneNomad said - me, too!
I'm glad others find my suggestion useful. Please pass this suggestion along to Microsoft.
Maybe we'll see something like this in the 2015 version

Here's an updated version of the mockup, with a simulated 3D closeup "Navigation View" pane:
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