Turn Beep for Streets & Trips
My old Magellan GPS makes a distinctive alert chime just before you pull up to a turn.

Is there any setting or add-on that will cause Streets & Trips to make an alert sound (or better yet, say "turn right NOW" or "turn left NOW" when the distance to the upcoming turn is at or very close to zero?
Marvin Hlavac
You could use the free add-on S&T Keys to add turn beep:

Turn sound for Streets & Trips

To download S&T Keys, visit http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/free-add-ons

Or you could add the functionality yourself by editing Registry:

Open your Registry editor, and navigate to:


(The "18.0" is for ST2011. Other S&T versions will have different version number, e.g. ST2012 will be "19.0")

Create a new DWORD value, name it TurnBeep, and give it one of the following values: 0, 32, 48, or 64.

0 - Windows "OK" beep
32 - Windows Question sound
48 - Windows Exclamation sound
64 - Windows Asterisk sound

I recall when I was first playing with this, one of the values resulted in no sound, so if you end up hearing no beep, try one of the other values.

After the registry change is made, Streets & Trips needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Thanks for the info.

It seems that S&T Keys is very useful.

By any chance does it (or anything else) make S&T 2011 pronounce "U.S." (as in, 'Yoo' 'Ess') correctly, instead of saying 'Yoo' 'South' the way it does every time it announces the name of a US highway?

Also, is there any way to make S&T 2011 to not enunciate so much information when reaching a destination (by default it says a long spiel that includes the city, state, country, and phone number)?

Thanks again.
Marvin Hlavac
I'm afraid I'm not aware of a work-around for that, but you are welcome to post to http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/wish-list
Marvin - I installed the S&T Keys. The only problem I have is that all three of the default sounds are pretty short & quiet.
I am guessing from the instructions about doing it manually that it might be possible to use one of the other sounds.
Is it possible to chose which sounds are associated with the three choices in the S&T Keys control panel?

If it is possible to use the "tada.wav" sound that would probably be better (more noticeable).

Thanks again.
S&T reads whatever information is in the Driving Directions. Therefore, if a Stop was created from a Pushpin, it will read out all the information that was in the Pushpin Balloon. So, you can either edit-out unwanted text from the PP balloon or Rename the Stop in the Route Planner.

Another thing you can do is slow down or speed up the reading pace. This is done in Windows, not in S&T. But I find the spoken Driving Directions to be somewhat more intelligible when read at a slower speed.
Marvin Hlavac
That's two very good points, SpedesFlush.

GoneNomad, S&T Keys changes the sounds by performing the registry change, so there is no difference between doing it "manually" and letting S&T Keys do it. (Well, the one difference is that S&T Keys offers 3 sound choices, not 4, because it omits the one which doesn't seem to work.)

If it is possible to use the "tada.wav" sound that would probably be better (more noticeable).
You could probably achieve it by renaming the tada.wav to a name of one of the sounds used by this method (e.g. asterisk.wav).
Of course, I suppose one could put "Hey, Stupid, pay attention" in the Driving Direction Stop before the actual driving instruction text to aid the inattentive.
Marvin Hlavac
Car radio is talking, passengers are talking, it is easy to completely miss the quiet voice coming from navigation software. A beep is a good way to bring one's attention to the upcoming voice direction prompt though. :-)
Originally Posted by SpadesFlush
Of course, I suppose one could put "Hey, Stupid, pay attention" in the Driving Direction Stop before the actual driving instruction text to aid the inattentive.
Well, hmmmmm, thanks for your reply. My answer to that is that I don't want to have to make hundreds of edits to the text descriptions of every stop. My comment about the beeps is for each turn, not each stop. It would be nice to have a way eliminate the "United States" from ALL POIs or addresses, when the city and state establishes that. Hopefully the driver (or a person looking at a map of the US) is not confused as to which country they are driving in or looking at.

For a little background, in case you're interested, I've been using S&T as a mapping and trip planning since a version several years older than 2004 (can't even remember now what it was, but maybe 1998?) and a problem ever since I've been using it is the excessively complex driving directions. In the older versions I used to paste all the lines from the directions pane into an Excel spreadsheet, so that I could hide the excess lines of directions (which used to be at least two-thirds of all the lines in from the directions pane) before printing it out. It took many years, but S&T has gotten better in that respect.

I started this thread after running S&T on a laptop with GPS for the first time as a Nav system, and doing a couple short test drives to compare it directly to an old Magellan 1412 GPS. Everybody in the car noted the (glaring) absence of a turn annunciation from S&T just before the turn, something that the 1412 (and pretty much any other standalone GPS) provides. (As in 'Hey! It doesn't make any sound to announce the turn, does it?' - something anybody who has used a standalone GPS Nav unit is accustomed to.)

It is a matter of what the driver should be "attentive" to, and that should not be the Nav system, but the road and the traffic around him. Tools like GPS units (or software on a laptop) are supposed to aid that, not force a distraction from it. That is why, IMO, the quality of the spoken directions are by far more important 'running' feature of a GPS system, rather than the fanciness of the display, and how aesthetically pleasing the simulated 3D display looks, etc. (The ease of use of the interface for trip planning is another matter, and in that area, S&T positively annihilates any standalone GPS Nav unit.)

Audible instructions are by far the most important part if the driver is going to be attentive to the road and traffic around him, rather than have to keep glancing away from the road and look at a small visual display.

The main flaw is that the last audible annunciation from S&T is too far ahead of the turn. And the choices of those three beeps are very short and very quiet compared to other sounds and road noise. If I turn the volume up so a very brief beep can clearly be heard over any road noise, then S&T's spoken instructions are too loud. But clearly, ANY beep at all is better than nothing, so I again thank Marvin (and the creator of S&T keys).

Marvin - I wondered about renaming the .wav file. I will give that a try and see if it works.
Sounds like you should create your own .wav file with the characteristics you need. Rename it to one of the existing choices and go from there.

Terry - Yep, that should work, too.
I would think that creating a new .wav file would allow me to adjust the volume level of that particular sound higher too.
Sorry, my post was not meant to be taken quite so seriously.

But my recollections of posts on this point are that people tend more to complaining about the instructions being late rather than early. That is not to say your requirements are out of order but more of an observation that various users have differing needs and preferences.

It seems that your in-car audio set up is superior to most posters on the Forum because the usual comment on this subject is grousing about inaudible spoken driving directions.
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