DeLorme TOPO 9, Windows 7 64-bit, and BU-353 GPS
Has anyone tried this combination, TOPO 9 with a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit - ACER computer and the BU353 GPS receiver? Trying to use this laptop in a vehicle for off-road mapping of trails throughout the western states.

Trying to decide if I should purchase this software since it appears I cannot get nRoute to recognize the receiver, even using GPS Gate.

All help will be appreciated.
Can't help with the Topo 9 question. However nRoute works perfectly on Win 7 64 with a BU-353 and GPS Gate. Make sure to select the COM port in nRoute that is listed as Garmin Emulator in the GPS Gate output tab (Com 2 in my example screen shot).

To select a COM port in nRoute, click on the Utilities header and 'Select GPS...' or CTRL+Shift+D.

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Thanks, I did get it working on the Acer. Not the only program that doesn't want to run on the Acer.

But still considering switching to Delorme 9....

Please post as to how you were able to make things work, even if it was simply following Terry's suggestions. It may help others with their challenges.
I use the same GPS with Topo 9, but on an HP netbook for off roading all over the country. Works fine, however Topo 9 has, IMHO, a steep learning curve.


Brad in Cottonwood, AZ for the moment ...
Deleted nRoute, re-installed and it worked.

Tracked Hell Roaring Rim northwest of Moab, UT today and it looks good.
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