How to get drivers for Pharos GPS-500 from old Microsoft Streets & Trips
I have an old 2008 Streets and Trips GPS locator, (this is the clear one). It has Microsoft on top and on the bottom...

51CLCT 7311905D
GPS 500 SirfIII

There is a black piece and it has PHAROS X12-42936

I would like to know how to get drivers to make it work with my Windows 7 computer and also to work with my Google maps or other map program. I don't want to pay to upgrade when so much is free and I am tired of looking at my Android small screen on trips to see turns coming up. I need my glasses to see my phone, but can't drive only for reading.

I hope this helps. Just want to be able to use this after paying $169 NEW in 2008 and not have to toss it in the trash can.
As far as I remember, Win 7 has drivers for the Pharos 500 both in 32 and 64 bit on its site. It will install them as soon as it sees the device assuming you have an internet connection. Is this not what you are seeing?

I just tried it on a Win 7 64 bit computer and got a successful install message.

Athough that device is quite good it is prone to connection issues over time because of the multiple parts and connections. The BU-353 is a similar but more flexible GPS with a built in cable and is inexpensive if still available.

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Marvin Hlavac
Hi Doccafs, and welcome to the forum. In addition to what Terry says, also your ST2008 installation disc contains the software driver for your Pharos GPS-500.
In case you don't get a message when you connect the GPS, maybe it is already installed. Open Device Manager (type 'device manager' into the search box above the Start orb) and expand the 'Ports (COM & LPT)' section. You should see a listing for 'Microsoft USB GPS' showing the COM port it is providing.

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In addition to the DVD the drivers for both GPS locators can also be found on Windows Update (provided you have it plugged into your USB when it does the scan).
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